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August 23, 2008

Paul Casey


LAURA HILL: Paul, thanks very much for coming in. Another nice round, and as the day ended you moved higher and higher up, pretty good position heading into tomorrow.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, very surprised by that. I walked through onto the 9th tee and you cross over the 5th tee there, and Steve and Hunter were standing on the tee and I looked at their board and Steve was 12-under and I was only 6-under. So I really felt that I was out there playing for position.
Luckily I got some birdies going after I dropped the shot on 12, and next thing I knew, I was tied for the lead standing on 17th tee. So I'm very, very surprised to be sitting here right next to the lead right now.

Q. With the board the way it is now, what does it require tomorrow? Does it require somebody going low, or is the golf course in such a state that it's hard to go low now?
PAUL CASEY: I think it depends on -- part of it depends on pin positions. You know, holes today like 10, where they have moved the tee up the first two days, suddenly we were 230-odd yards with a back-right pin position, very difficult.
So one, I think it depends on how they set the course up, but I've got to think with that many guys, I mean, I counted 22 guys within three shots of the lead when we stood on the 17th tee. One or two of those guys are going to have to shoot a 66, I'm guessing, or something like that.
As it stands, I mean, probably, it's got to be in double-digits winning this thing. That's the way I look at it.

Q. With that amount of guys, 22 within probably three shots of the lead and guys like Jason Day and Allenby shooting 5-under, is it going to take a 66 or will somebody have to stave off and maybe get a 68?
PAUL CASEY: I think the 66 probably. But you just don't know. This golf course is very, very difficult, and it seems like all of the golf course -- well, all three days to be honest, more of them have come from the morning groups when the greens have been slightly more forgiving, slightly more receptive.
You know, they have been crisping up in the afternoons, and you know, I'm sure the greens I was putting on were better than the greens that Steve Stricker has been putting on today. Might be a slight advantage to be out, a guy who is kind of 6-under or something like that, take advantage of some good greens and post a number and we have to go catch him.
You just don't know. I'm going to play the same game I've been playing for the last three days, and if I have to adapt the last four or five holes, then that's what I've got to do.

Q. It's kind of a tournament within a tournament, with guys auditioning for The Ryder Cup --
PAUL CASEY: Was Darren still leading? He was still ahead when I went out on to the golf course today.

Q. Are you watching names on the leaderboard and seeing how guys are doing?
PAUL CASEY: You know, I'm actually just as interested in the U.S. Team. Nick's only got two picks, and I think I'm going to play as well as I can this week and next week, but I'm very, very relaxed with what's going on. I'm not putting any pressure on myself. Would love to be there, and if I'm not, then I'm fine with that, too.
The U.S. one is very intriguing, especially with what happened; Steve playing great golf after just missing out and Ben Curtis bumping him out at the PGA, which was amazing. Yeah, I'm very interested, because it might affect me; it might not affect me, but either way, I have an interest in it.

Q. Do you think it's added a little extra energy to the FedExCup this year, as opposed to last year, a non-Ryder Cup year?
PAUL CASEY: Well, I didn't play last year's FedExCup so tough to know. I'm still confused by the whole FedEx thing slightly. It's very volatile. We've been working it out, a guy who makes two cuts, this week and next week, and finishes 70th, let's say, makes more points than the guy who finishes fourth and misses the cut. So, I don't know. I can't figure it out.
But I have to say it's amusing. Playing with Bubba today was good fun and looking at that thing and the projected points list, it's changing and one minute Steve is leading it and the next minute Vijay is leading it.
I think it's got the interest, but yeah, I'm still confused over it.

Q. What is the perception of the FedExCup in Europe on the Tour and maybe the press? Do you think people over there think it's a big deal?
PAUL CASEY: Well, look at the reaction. It's forced The European Tour to come up with the Race to Dubai. I think the idea of a post-season sort of climax is a great idea. You know, it doesn't take away the fact -- I mean, ultimately, for golfers, any golfers, it's about the majors. For me it will never overtake that, nor should it. But if we can create some excitement late in the season, then I think that's a good thing.
I think we've got to wait two or three years to see how it pans out. I'm excited about the race in Dubai. They haven't told me where the race is starting from yet and what the allowance is for vehicles. (Laughter).

Q. How do you react to having all of these guys bunched up at a big event like this? Is that a fun thing for you? Is it a little bit of a nerve-wracking thing when you've got all of these guys, 23 people, all bunched up right there?
PAUL CASEY: I think it's kind of fun.
Ultimately, I think it's fun to watch. I don't think it affects anything I do. You know, I've been very focused on my own game the past three days and that's what I've got to continue to do tomorrow.
But it's entertaining I think. The crowd doesn't know who to follow. I think the TV guys don't know where to put the camera. And it has fairly serious implications for Ryder Cup, for the FedExCup. So I think it should be pretty good fun tomorrow.
LAURA HILL: Paul, thanks for coming in. Good luck.

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