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August 22, 2008

Kevin Streelman


Q. How was it out there today?
KEVIN STREELMAN: If you're making putts, you can get a good number going out there.

Q. Did the course set up different today?
KEVIN STREELMAN: The hard part today was the wind picking up, and it's very -- it wasn't very consistent. Kind of kept turning on us, and a couple wedge shots we thought were downwind came up short, and that was -- gusty winds were a little more difficult this afternoon.
And also, the greens got very footprinty. They got pretty -- you could see a lot of heel prints and some of those short putts were a little more difficult to make.

Q. Pairings re-set tomorrow, you're not in the first half of the points, but knowing that there's a lot of volatility, you're probably licking your chops as far as knowing how much this weekend could mean for the FedExCup?
KEVIN STREELMAN: It's huge. My goal this year was to get into that third FedEx event and as I've got closer, it's nice to get into this one obviously being a rookie, and now knowing I'll be in next week for sure is a cool feeling as well. But at the same time, knowing that if I do make a good move this weekend, we could be looking at THE TOUR Championship, and all of a sudden -- that's something I haven't really thought about, but something that's very exciting.
Still taking it one shot at a time and one round at a time. We'll see.

Q. What will you do with that scheduled off-week, depending how long your Playoffs go; it's like the first time in 20 years, do you have like fishing trips or --
KEVIN STREELMAN: We bought a house back in Scottsdale in Grayhawk, so we'll be very busy. We're going to try to get everything boxed up and hopefully moved in that week and get everything back up north and I'm excited about that.
And I'm playing in a tournament where my caddie is from, playing the Hokie Open, which is a little Pro-Am fun up in northern Minnesota. He's from northern Minnesota and go up there that weekend and have a little shootout and Calcutta deal on the weekend. It's going to be a fun weekend.

Q. (Talk about your connection to the area).
KEVIN STREELMAN: My parents grew up in Glen Rock, a town over, 30 years ago, and my grand parents are actually buried in the cemetery right off the golf course. So my parents spent the first 25 years of their lives here and kind of a meaningful place for my family, so it's cool to be here.

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