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July 31, 2008

Paul Casey


Q. It was an interesting start for you. Some round.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I can't explain that. It was a bit of a meltdown on the first, wasn't it?

Q. What happened on those first three holes. Talk us through it.
PAUL CASEY: Well, I was struggling a bit with the swing. Shoulder hurt on the way over, actually the hip -- the whole left side I've struggled with this week, stiffness, I think, from traveling over. And I've hit a lot of shots where I've got sort of stuck in it and haven't been able to release it, and the first tee shot was exactly that. Still managed to get on the green in three shots. That's a treacherous green, though. That's probably one of the most difficult greens out here.

Q. And then four-putted?
PAUL CASEY: Four-putted.

Q. When is the last time you four-putted?
PAUL CASEY: It happens.

Q. Are you saying the stiffness is a result of coming over?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I just struggled with the swing, and that was why I pushed it so far right. But obviously four-putting doesn't help.

Q. You bounced straight back.
PAUL CASEY: Bounced straight back, and then a beautiful tee shot on the next hole and a lovely 5-wood to about a foot. Tapped that one in, that was not a problem.
Knocked it on in two on the next and three-putted that. That was pretty quick down there. The greens are extremely quick. They're quicker than the practice green. But no excuses.

Q. So after all of that, 70, how would you sum up your 70?
PAUL CASEY: Disappointed, because that read on the last, my instinct was left to right, and his was right to left, and I didn't really hit either. I mean, I'm hitting the ball well enough. I'm playing good enough golf to shoot some good numbers.

Q. That bunker shot looked good. Was it as good as it looked?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, a 5-iron, 200 yards. Yeah, it was a very nice one. Somehow the quality of the shots is not bad right now.

Q. And the two quick birdies, 9 and 15?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, good drive down 9. That was a tough fairway to hit today with a crosswind up the left. I hooked an 8-iron around the branches that were sticking out there to about 12 feet and rolled in the putt.
Birdied the next, the 10th, as well, 3-wood, pitching wedge. That was about a 17- or 18-footer down the hill right in the middle.

Q. And then 15?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I got stuck behind a tree on 14, dropped one there, made 5 there. That wasn't very adventurous. The 15th was a wonderful 5-iron in there and made one from about -- I got a good read off Boo. Boo was further away than I was. He was 40-odd feet and I was 30-odd feet and I watched his putt and got a perfect read from him and knocked it in, so thank you, Boo.

Q. You had one-, two-, three-, and four-putts in one round. To end up like that, well done.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I'm going the right way.

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