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July 12, 2008

Jeremy Roenick


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Jeremy.

Q. What's your thinking now? Obviously didn't play as well as yesterday. What's your attitude as you come off today?
JEREMY ROENICK: I didn't hit the ball badly today. I just got really -- I got some bad breaks today. My ball ended up in a couple of divots. I hit a ball in the bunker that was so buried I could barely see the ball. I had a No. 8. It was everything I could see just to see a letter on the logo. It was a very, very difficult shot.
And I just had one of those days today. I had a lot of bad breaks but managed to stay ahead of the curve and give myself a chance for tomorrow.

Q. There's a story going around that you rescued someone?
JEREMY ROENICK: I did. I rescued Tony Romo.

Q. What happened?
JEREMY ROENICK: I rescued Tony Romo out of the first hole lake (Laughter). He had a very difficult shot out of the first hole on the pond left side. He took a shot and he went tumbling in. And I had to come to his rescue. I came running at him and pulled him out.
So I think that was the difference between him getting all of his pants wet and his whole body wet. So it was kind of funny.

Q. He toughed it out?
JEREMY ROENICK: Tony played great. He was a true warrior today. He battled through a lot of adversity. He had some bad shots and tough breaks. But he still made some really, really good putts and managed to put himself up in the upper echelon. Good shot for him to win the tournament. But we'll make some runs at him tomorrow.

Q. Is that worth something in Stableford?
JEREMY ROENICK: I wish it was worth five points. Because I would be almost tied for the lead. (Laughter).
He made a really valiant attempt in the first hole to get that shot out and kind of got a little slip and ended up in the pond. But it was nice to see that all the volunteers were there to give him some new pants and new shoes and new socks. But it didn't bother him. He battled and played good today.

Q. So do you go to the range this afternoon? Do you go rest?
JEREMY ROENICK: I didn't hit the ball badly. I just got a lot of really bad breaks and the frustration set in. And I hit a lot of really good putts that didn't do what I thought they were going to do, and I ended up lipping them out of the holes.
The balls that lipped out of the holes ended up being double bogeys rather than bogeys and that's a two-point swing. And that's frustrating. I mean without -- I think I'm at 40 or 39. Without those two, I would be 46, 44, right in the thick of things.
I think it's all relative. I probably shouldn't have been at 26 yesterday. But I was. Now I'm where I'm at and it's probably karma.

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