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June 22, 2008

Paul Casey


Q. Burned the hole so many times today.
PAUL CASEY: Tee-to-green, it was a great week, and you know, everybody in the field can say, well, if I had done this, and I hadn't done that and I had done this.
Yeah, I was right there with birdie opportunities on every hole and didn't make them, simple as that. Incredibly frustrating, and when the putts start to go in, I think I've got some low rounds in me.

Q. One of those weeks, I guess?
PAUL CASEY: Considering it was an event I wasn't going to play about two months ago and then decided to, I'm very happy I came. It's a step in the right direction, some good golf, some good points and all the rest of it.

Q. Good move this time of year, as well, looking ahead to the next few weeks?
PAUL CASEY: I've got three weeks off; it's perfect. Next one is The Open. I will be going to Birkdale more than a few times to have a look at it and I'll be working on my putting.

Q. I guess The Open is wide open now, is it, without Woods playing; would you agree with that?
PAUL CASEY: Unfortunately, yes. I would like to see him there. Obviously he's not going to be there, because when Tiger is there, it's got a buzz to it and you don't wish that on anybody. And Tiger's a mate, so hopefully he'll be all right, soon.
But it's going to take the usual. It's going to take good golf and control of the emotions and all the rest of it. I'm getting there. I'd say physically, the last four days, very tired getting off the plane on Monday, you know, pretty good I thought.

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