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June 21, 2008

Paul Casey


Q. Played well today?
PAUL CASEY: Well, today's round was great. 67, improved on yesterday. That was the goal. I spoke to Kostis last night. Said it looked like I was swinging it well and a case of getting the ball in the hole. I did a much better job of that today. 2-putted the 18th finally. Maybe tomorrow we'll have a single putt on it, who knows.
But the German lads are a long way in front so I'll have to keep playing some good golf and try to chase them down.

Q. How hard is communication with your coach when he's across the water and you're somewhere else?
PAUL CASEY: Thanks to the wonders of television, he gets to see quite a bit. You know, on weeks like this, once I start playing, unless there's something really majorly wrong, then usually discussion is about how to motivate me or something like that or trying to give me a target to go out there and shoot for, or just something to relax and chat about things. It's very, very rarely about the actual swing or technique.
So this week he's been good. He sent me some targets. He said shoot lower than you did yesterday, and I've got to do the same tomorrow, and try do that I might win some wine off him.

Q. Are they daily chats or once a week?
PAUL CASEY: I'm terrible at picking up the phone so he's lucky if it's a daily chat. Usually it turns into every couple of days or if I play poorly, I might not call him for a week. No, Peter's great. He doesn't even have to be there. I could probably give a diagnosis over the phone in order for him to prescribe something for me to work on.
But it's great, he's got such a good eye and he's more of a friend than a coach.

Q. Kaymer has a good lead at the moment and I assume tomorrow the safety catch will be off?
PAUL CASEY: It was off today and I only managed 5-under. Today I felt like there were three or four putts that I left short, a couple on the front side and that one on 17, just missed in the middle and just ran out of pace. That's the way these greens are. They are good, they are very, very tricky to read. I've had Craig Connelly, my caddie, reading them the past two days, and he's done a great job and we may continue that trend tomorrow I think.
Tomorrow I've got to go low. As somebody just put it, the safety catch was off today. I was going at flags and I need to the Kaymer is out there way ahead and playing some great golf.
When I looked at the scoreboard, two Germans -- so they are obviously playing great golf because I feel like I'm playing good and I'm currently on 11-under par, and they continue to play like that, there's no way we're going to catch them.

Q. I really don't understand why there is no way to catch them, you have a lot of good shots in the bag left I guess?
PAUL CASEY: I do but it's going to require something special tomorrow. The goal tomorrow will be to certainly beat today's score, 66 or lower, and I can do that. I know that there's maybe another 63 out there. Martin proved that yesterday with his great golf on difficult Friday greens, as well. The greens will be better tomorrow.
So it's very doable, but it's Sunday afternoon and I've got to take those risks and see what happens because you know, I need to win a golf event. Haven't won one in a while and need to win one for World Ranking and Ryder Cup points, and got to go for it I think.

Q. The rumour is you were talking to Peter Kostis, your coach recently; was that yesterday?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, we've been chatting so far this week. We've been laying a few side bets on the football.
This week has been good, I'm glad I went back to that putter. It has a really good feel. I just love the peel. It's a one-piece putter and that was the same technology that was in the putter when I won three times in '06.

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