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June 21, 2008

Kevin Streelman


THE MODERATOR: Kevin Streelman, thanks for spending a few minutes to us here. Back-to-back low rounds. Actually one off The Tour record for consecutive back-to-back low rounds. Why don't you get us started. Just talk about today. How were conditions out there?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Today the course was relatively gettable. Especially the wind was down a little early. The greens -- I think the rain last night made them a bit more receptive and balls were kind of stopping where they landed. So gave us an opportunity to attack a little bit and the greens are running so smooth right now that scoring was possible.

Q. Is the winds up, Kevin, or is it calming down, or what do you think?
KEVIN STREELMAN: It seemed to be picking up a bit as we were turning to the back nine. And definitely the last four holes. But kind of been the same direction. I think it's Southwest winds where it was kind of down off the left on 15. Then kind of helps us there on 18. So it makes -- like 15 I was able to hit 3-wood on to the green and where normally it's kind of right in between a field driver and a hard 3-wood. But we'll see. I mean I hope it picks up a little bit. (Laughter.)

Q. Is it a carry over from last week?
KEVIN STREELMAN: I think so. To be honest, the last couple weeks I felt pretty good about game. Everything is starting to come together a little bit. You never know when it's going to hit.
Definitely been excited to get to the midwest. This little stent coming up is home for me. I have a lot of friends and family coming out. And for me, this type of golf course is the style I grew up on back outside of Chicago. It's bent grass and big old divots that you got to replace. For me, that's what I grew up on so it feel good about it.

Q. Talk a little bit about your first round. Probably didn't expect to be sitting here after the (inaudible.)
KEVIN STREELMAN: It was a disappointing start. But I was fortunate to just kind of go sleep it off. And my wife said just forget about it and go have fun tomorrow, and I did.
I was very proud of the way I bounced back yesterday and then to back it up with a 62 is pretty cool.

Q. The front nine, at what point did you feel you were kind of getting in the groove?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Probably my shots on 7. I really hit a great 8-iron in there to about six feet. And I actually I think I missed that one. Did I miss that one?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, I made par there. But the shot was just flushed. The next hole I flushed the 7-iron right at it and all of a sudden I started feeling really good. And 9 I hit a wedge in there, tight tap that for birdie. Made a great up and down at 10 that kind of kept the momentum going.
That Par 5 13 is when I really got, you know, got things going with that eagle. Almost holed out almost for a double eagle. Hybrid from about 235 there, and came back and stuffed it in the next hole. Then stuffed it on 16 and 17 and was able to make those putts as well. So it was a fun backside.

Q. Is it difficult to shift gears from last week where par is a good score on every hole to this week where you really need to make a bunch of birdies to get in the hunt?
KEVIN STREELMAN: I think going from the harder to the easier golf course is more desirable than going the other way for me. It's almost like a relief when you get to a tee ball and it's not, you know, 14 yards wide and, you know, knee deep rough on both sides. So it's -- you just feel a little more, you know, like you can attack a bit more obviously.

Q. What most did you get out of the experience last week?
KEVIN STREELMAN: I'd say it was a good confidence boost for me. It was a ton of fun to be honest. To have my friends and family and have everyone out there and enjoying it, and all he calls from everybody back home and text messages and stuff, that was pretty neat.
Just a year ago I was chasing mini-tours and driving three cars into the ground over the past seven years. You know to come here is a dream come true, but it's just the beginning of more hard work I got to do to get where I want to be.

Q. (No microphone.)
KEVIN STREELMAN: Actually, probably I switched back -- I got a new putter at The Open last week, the Wednesday of. And I threw it right in the bag, and then went out I think I had 24 putts the first day at The Open. So that putter was awesome last week. Then I used it this week. I was actually down in New York City Tuesday night and I played Garden City Men's Club Wednesday and shot 7-under there with the same putter. So obviously was feeling great about it.
And just came out Thursday and just wasn't hitting my lines with my putts so I went back to the putter I used the month prior and the one that go me into The Open. I shot 10-under that day to get into The Open. And I'd say that was kind of what clicked with me the last two days was going back to old faithful and trusting it.

Q. What type of model was the putter you were using them?
KEVIN STREELMAN: The one now? It's Scotty Cameron. It's prototype. It's got the square back. Mine has a little cut out in the middle. And I think it's kind of his cleaner response to that Taylor Made spider that's gotten so popular that kind of distributes the weight further away from the head, the outside of the golf club, and just kind really holds that MOI a lot better. So it's a kind of Scotty's same kind of principal, but his response to it. So I've liked it.

Q. The other putter made it one week?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Made it one week. It was a good week (Laughter) but just one week. It might go in the locker room for a little bit, yeah.
THE MODERATOR: All right, Kevin. Thank you. Good luck tomorrow.
KEVIN STREELMAN: Thank you guys.

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