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June 20, 2008

Paul Casey


Q. Satisfied with that?
PAUL CASEY: I guess, yeah. I felt like I left a lot of shots out there the past two days. But on the plus side, I struck the ball beautifully and really hit some very, very close iron shots. I had a couple kick in birdies which has been nice the past couple of days so, I can't worry about it.
If I can continue to hit the golf ball like that over the weekend and the putts go in, then I'll have a chance of being right up there on Sunday.

Q. How is your jet-lag?
PAUL CASEY: It's absolutely fine. I admit I didn't get great sleep until about Wednesday night, the first time I got some good sleep.
But this is a golf course I like and I like being in Munich. I think being excited to be here and wanting to play well and maybe having struggled the past few weeks; coming to a golf course which I have had some decent results at; and knowing the fact that you have to go fairly low around here is something I look forward to. And to be honest, I don't worry about the sleep.

Q. How Ryder Cup-points hungry are you?
PAUL CASEY: Very, very hungry. I spoke to some guys and some of the press earlier this week, and you know, the goal really is to approach every event and try and win it. Try my best this week, see how I get on, go to The Open Championship and really prepare well for that, and on the flipside hopefully make The Ryder Cup Team through playing well.
It is something I worry about. It is something that I'm not up there in the points and I would like to be, but I worry about every event, one at a time, every shot at a time and take from there.

Q. How do you feel about your schedule; do you feel you've got that about right?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I feel pretty good. I've played a lot more in the States this year but I think I've balanced it well. Obviously I haven't been in Europe much, but the focus really is majors and trying to prepare well for those.
You know, I felt like I had a chance at Augusta and gave it a good shot. I struggled last week at Torrey Pines. But again, I felt like I prepared well. If I continue to do that, you know, that really is something I want to try and achieve, win a major.
Fatigue-wise, I feel pretty good. I'm going to take a couple of weeks off after this and save the energy because last year I got to about August and I was about spent. And there's too much important golf to be played in the next few months: Some FedExCup stuff in the States and Ryder Cup stuff with a bit of luck, and then all the way through to the end of the European season. So there's a lot of important golf still to be played.

Q. Are you rubbing your hands because Tiger is not taking part in any more of the tournaments this year?
PAUL CASEY: To be honest, you want to compete against him. So it's very sad for him that you know, he's got to take a lot of time off, and Tiger will come back fitter and stronger and better than he was before. That's the way he is. You know he's going to work hard at it.
So it's sad he's not out here, because tournaments where Tiger is playing, they have a buzz to them. I'd like to say that I won that particular event going up against Tiger.
But yeah, it does, it gives you a little bit more opportunity I guess. But you don't want to sort of relish on somebody else's misfortune.

Q. (Regarding Vijay Singh's comments at the U.S. Open).
PAUL CASEY: I invite Vijay to come down and do a session with me and see how he gets on, but I think it's horses for courses. I think the British lads work incredibly hard and I speak for myself and I see Justin Rose on the range down at Wesley; and I grew up with Luke and Poulter, so I know what they are putting in.
I'm happy with what I put in, and with a bit of luck that will pay off in great results.

Q. How was it?
PAUL CASEY: I hit the ball great. I hit some very good putts which just go to the edge which I thought we had, but it is what it is. I'm up there.
I feel like the golf I've played, I should be leading, with the current scores anyway. I'm not sure what somebody is going to do this afternoon. They could go very, very low. But I feel like I should be in double digits right now under par but that's fine. I'm very happy with the way I struck it, and if I can keep doing that over the weekend -- and I've never used Craig before this read greens, but he's actually quite good.
It's nice just to have another set of eyes, and what he sees is pretty much what I see. And I think I've maybe lost a little bit of the confidence on trusting what I've been seeing, and he's confirming that I'm actually reading them just fine.
So if I just commit to them and roll them, I'll be okay.

Q. Do you think if you worked harder off the course --
PAUL CASEY: I think I work incredibly hard off the course anyway. I mean, Kostis's mantra has always been, you prepare for events. You put all the work in when you're in your off-weeks, behind the scenes, stuff that nobody sees, and when you turn up to an event, you're ready and you go. That's the way I do it. I think that's the way Tiger does it, because when you get to an event, you know, you rarely see Tiger after about two o'clock in the afternoon at a golf tournament. He plays his practise rounds very, very early. He hits some golf balls, he hits some putts, he does what he needs to do and he gets out of there. He saves his energy. He's done his work by the time he turns up to a golf event, and that's the way I do it.
I think I work just fine. I work hard enough.

Q. Are you shocked at what Vijay said?
PAUL CASEY: I actually didn't read the comments, so I can't comment precisely on what was said.

Q. I wasn't there, so I don't know, but that he looked around and sees people not doing --
PAUL CASEY: I would invite him along to do exactly what I do on weeks off and see how he goes.

Q. How long would you spend?
PAUL CASEY: Time is a poor measurement I think. I think effort level is probably the best measurement, and only I can tell and Peter Kostis can tell that.
Weeks off, I'm in the gym by seven and probably at the golf course by ten after that and probably there until four o'clock, and that's not including working with Don Green on the mental side of things. I ride in the evenings on the bike. I mean, it's nonstop.

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