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June 14, 2008

Tiger Woods


Q. Six out of 14 fairways, how do you make this round happen?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I hit -- I made 17 pars and a birdie today, which is nice, birdied the last hole, and a boring round of golf, right? (Laughter.)

It was just a terrible start. I somehow got it back to under par for the day, which is a lot of luck was involved. The shot I hit on 17, that has no business going in the hole. I hit it too hard. It came out hot. One hop and it's in the hole. After I hit it, I think I would have had about an 8 or 10-footer coming back down the hill.

Q. What did you see on 13?

TIGER WOODS: Well, 13 I pitched my drive off straight right, which was nice. I had a 5-iron in there. I was just trying to get the ball in the back bunker, carry it on the green and get it in the back bunker, but not short. It landed on the green and actually stopped. And Robert's mark was actually out there far enough where Stevie and I were reading it. I said, if I come out on the high side of that I should be able to get inside three feet. And luckily it went in.

Q. How did you feel when it dropped?

TIGER WOODS: I didn't feel it at the time. I didn't feel it at all. I just need more things like that to happen.

Q. We keep asking you in different ways the same question. I'll try again. How would you compare how it feels today versus the first two rounds?

TIGER WOODS: More sore.

Q. What are you doing to take care of it?

TIGER WOODS: As soon as I get out of here I'll ice the thing.

Q. How much does it affect what you're trying to do?

TIGER WOODS: It does. It does affect it. There are certain shots I'll feel it. And you can't say it's the drive, you can't say it's a wedge, because I don't know which one it's going to happen on.

Q. The look on your face on 17 was priceless. It was almost a little bit of, I don't think I can do anything wrong right now.

TIGER WOODS: No, it was like, you've got to be kidding me. I should have been -- I hit just the worst tee shot I could possibly hit over there and making three when -- honestly I was just thinking, whatever you do don't make six here, just give yourself a chance of making four. All of a sudden I walk away with three.

Q. What's the strategy for tomorrow, Tiger, you're in that final group and you have that lead again?

TIGER WOODS: Well, just like today, 17 pars and a birdie. (Laughter.)

Hopefully I can be a little more consistent tomorrow.

Q. You talked about the look on 13, the look on 17, but the look on 18, you put in that eagle putt, it seemed just looking at you like you were like, yes, this is what I do. Like you had no doubt that one was going in and it was almost like a statement shot.

TIGER WOODS: I tell you what, it was nice that I actually saw Robert's putt, because I knew it broke a little bit to the right, but I didn't know it broke that much at the end. His broke quite a bit at the end. I had a different angle where I had to play more break.

I knew it was going to continue breaking. I've had that putt before and it usually straightens out in the end. After seeing his putt, it's got to break more. When it went in it's, well, I read it right.

Q. There are times in any tournament where there is a statement shot and you know how to excel at those. What is that feeling in that moment?

TIGER WOODS: You don't really look at it that way. You look at staying patient and just staying in the moment, just progressing one shot at a time. It's an old cliche, but it's no more true than at the U.S. Open. You cannot get ahead of yourself at this event.

Q. The look of contentment on your face, you were savoring this in a way that perhaps this is special, this is real special?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I'm done. I'm done. So it was nice to actually finish this round and can't wait to get back to the room.

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