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May 24, 2008

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY: I played a really, really good round of golf. Yeah, obviously very disappointed to finish with 1-over, but I hit it very well. It just went. The chip actually frustrated me more, because the chip was right at it for par and skipped way left. Oh, well.

Q. How strong did the wind get out there?
PAUL CASEY: Really strong. Didn't reach the fairway on 17, but at least he made par. I've never seen such a well-struck tee shot on 17 not reach the fairway. That's how hard it was blowing.

Q. Into?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah. It was a well-struck tee shot, actually a bit short of the road and skipped over. If it had not bounced on the road -- I don't know how far that is, I'll tell you in a minute, but it's not very far.
Well, there you go -- this is last year's book, but it says 255, so he hit it about 250 downhill.

Q. Now you're going to need another really good one, aren't you.
PAUL CASEY: Yes, I need to play the same golf, and I just need -- yeah, I need a couple more putts and a little less wind.

Q. The wind take a couple of those shots?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, poor 3-iron on 15. I spun it, rather than miss it too far right, I got it spinning in the air too much and that's why it pitched too far right. Trajectory is so important and quality of strike and the spin rate, and that's where I messed up.
But the others, I mean, it's just tough. It was 14 very good holes.

Q. How many shots would you say difference from the first two days?
PAUL CASEY: So difficult to judge, I don't know, five. I mean, I'm just taking a stab in the dark. But you know, that was as good a round of golf as yesterday, I don't know if that's right or not.
Windy, batten down the hatches and hang on. It might give me a better chance, and my form's good.

Q. Problems earlier in the year?
PAUL CASEY: No, I've been working very hard at the game. Warren Humphries walked down the back of the range and said he thinks it's the best I've ever swung it, which was very nice of him to say. And that made me feel good because I haven't hit it well so far this week but I'm putting in the effort. I'm just waiting for the results to turn around.

Q. When do you see Peter again?
PAUL CASEY: Next week at Memorial.

Q. You're going?

Q. No Tiger.
PAUL CASEY: I was asked to do the clinic.

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