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May 23, 2008

Paul Casey


Q. What happened with the discussion with John Paramor on the way in?
PAUL CASEY: I had a chat with JP down 17. Yeah, it was to do with not informing the players of the 9TH green condition. Unfortunately a sprinkler head popped on 9th I guess this morning or last night and flooded the 9TH green, which is not -- accidents happen, that's nothing we should be ashamed of, but the players weren't informed.
And I hit a lovely shot into 9th. It was landing with a 7-, 8-yard bounce and tried to pitch it ten yards short, which it did; and it spun back seven, eight yards. Someone laughed at me and said, "You clearly didn't know the sprinkler head popped this morning and flooded this green." So we were having a discussion, I guess everybody knew, but us.
So it was frustrating, and I just talked to JP, and I was very nice to JP on 17; I had calmed down by then.
I said, "Well, what do you think?"
And he goes, "Well yeah in hindsight, we probably should have said something." And one went on 5. As well.
Apparently Lee Slattery hit one this morning and spun a 6-iron off the 9th green, and I think he said, what was that all about and Andy McFee said a sprinklerhead popped on here. He goes, "Well, that's great. Thanks for telling us.
He goes, "Well, I'm telling you now." Which is what I heard from Thomas, so don't quote me on whether those were the exact words.

Q. It was suggested you spoke to Andy, as well.
PAUL CASEY: No, nobody.

Q. He wasn't sort of on duty to tell people.
PAUL CASEY: Once guys have teed off, how can you go back and inform a player, so I understand that position. But if it's something that happens long before guys teed off, then they should be informed.
He's admitted that and I think it's --

Q. There was a suggestion you might have been abusive but you were very nice to JP.
PAUL CASEY: I was very nice to JP. I would never call any one of those guys --

Q. You've heard obviously what we heard, and it's only hearsay, that you had been abusive to one of the officials, and when you say somebody else --
PAUL CASEY: Now, obviously, yeah, occasionally, players can mutter words under their breath. But at no point have I called any one of them any name, and I wouldn't do that.
But I was frustrated with the situation.

Q. Angry at the time, as well?
PAUL CASEY: Angry that I didn't know and everybody else did.

Q. Did you ask to see JP?
PAUL CASEY: No, he was right there. He was right there on 17. I think it's always best to take a deep breath before I say anything to any of those guys.

Q. But is that the case, if you mutter something under your breath, do you think that's why it got back to us that perhaps someone in the crowd heard it and the word has spread?
PAUL CASEY: Well, clearly because you're all right here. (Laughter).

Q. You're not saying you didn't mutter something -- it wasn't addressed at anyone in particular?
PAUL CASEY: It was certainly not addressed to anybody in particular, but I was upset at the time. You know, I say if somebody's heard something, it was something that was muttered under my breath and not directly aimed at anybody in particular.

Q. It wasn't for your management company for not telling you, either?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah. (Laughter). It was frustration, I felt like I had a decent round going --

Q. Did you make bogey?
PAUL CASEY: I bogeyed 10. The green was different on 9th. It was slow on 9th and I knocked it past and it was quick again on 10, back to the usual speed.

Q. Slightly hot under the collar?
PAUL CASEY: I was slightly hot under the collar and actually made a good putt but misread the one coming back.

Q. Considering all that, how do you feel?
PAUL CASEY: Round was good. Again, I hit it in the bunker on 18, didn't think I could reach, and reached it. But I'm happy with the position I'm in. Yeah, I have left some shots out there, but you know --

Q. What do you think of Paul's two rounds?
PAUL CASEY: Very impressive. Very impressive. He deserves to be leading, playing golf like that. It's not easy out there.
You know, yes, the greens are seeding and they are tricky to read and it's a bouncy golf course. He's played extremely good golf. You have to manage your patience as well as your golf ball around this golf course.
Now that's part of the key, so clearly he's doing it very well.

Q. Was Andy McFee at the 9th hole when you were there?
PAUL CASEY: No, he wasn't.

Q. Have you seen him at all, Andy McFee?
PAUL CASEY: I spotted him. I won't say where. He was by one of the concession stands at the tent last time I saw him.

Q. Just to make it clear, Paramor didn't speak to you about it?
PAUL CASEY: No, I asked to have a word with JP. JP was outside the ropes and I said can I have a quick word.

Q. So it wasn't a case of telling off because some spectators have heard a nasty word?

Q. No, because that's what came back to us.

Q. Did you see McFee in the distance and then mutter something under your breath, would it be something like that?
PAUL CASEY: Lots of things get mentioned -- get muttered, shall I say, when I'm playing a round of golf and I've made a bogey and I'm not going to deny I'm not a saint, but again I feel I'm an aggressive player and you know, I do get hot. But at no time would I ever call one of the guys we have out here a name. I don't think that's called for.

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