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May 16, 2008

Heath Slocum


Q. Heath, talk a little bit about the round. 68, 7 under, right in the thick of things.
HEATH SLOCUM: Yeah, I played well today. I played well yesterday, hit the ball very solid both days. Kind of keeping the ball in front of me and staying out of trouble. You know, making some cuts when I need to, but for the most part just not doing anything special but definitely not doing anything to hurt myself.

Q. You can feel the wind blowing around. How are conditions out there right now?
HEATH SLOCUM: They're not bad. The greens are recentive right now, and they're holding shots.
So if you can just predict the wind or actually just get it, you know, know what it's doing and just trust it I think you can make some -- obviously shoot at some flags and make some putts.

Q. As a new resident of the Alpharetta area, it's kind of like one of your hometown tournaments?
HEATH SLOCUM: It is nice to sleep in your own bed this week. I'll always take that. It's been a good feel this week, nice and relaxing all week. So the weekend will be even less traffic to get here so I'm looking forward to that as well.

Q. Two rounds in, you got a couple more to go. What's the key to being here on Sunday?
HEATH SLOCUM: It's going to be making putts as always.
I don't even know what the lead is right now, but the guys with 6-under yesterday morning -- I mean, if the wind doesn't blow that bad they can get to double-digits pretty easily.
Just going to be for me hitting a lot of good iron shots and making putts. The course is relatively long so I can't take advantage of all the Par 5s or even any of them today. It's just going to be making putts. I've got to keep the ball in front of me, no mistakes.

Q. Thanks very much.

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