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May 1, 2008

Paula Creamer


MIKE SCANLAN: Can we do your scorecard first, your back 9 first.
PAULA CREAMER: Bogey on 14. Hit my drive right. It was like on these tree roots and then chipped it out, I guess, then hit it -- laid up to about 135. I hit a 7-iron left and made about a 10-footer for bogey.
Birdie on 17. Driver, hit 100 yards, 54-degree wedge to like a foot.
Birdie on 2. I believe it was -- how far was that? I hit a 6-iron over the green, and I made about a 20-footer from the bag.
Birdie on 5. Driver, 3-wood, to about 120 yards. Hit a little 9-iron to about 15 feet.
Birdie on 6. I don't remember how far, but I hit a little 7-iron to about six feet.
Bogey on 8. Driver. I hit 6-iron to -- and then I had like forever to the hole, probably about 50 feet or so, three-putt. More than that? I'm kind of blanking out right now. Jeez, a long way. I missed about a 10-footer.
9, driver, I hit an 8-iron just left and kind of got really unlucky with the next shot, being, you know, half in the bunker and half out and missed about a 12-footer.
MIKE SCANLAN: Okay. Questions.

Q. I know it's hard it end on two bogeys.
PAULA CREAMER: No. Going out there I said even par. If I shot even par I would be in a good spot, and I finished at 1-under. It's difficult out there.
Like you said, I made some really good par saves, and that's what you have to do out here. You're not going to hit everything close, and you're going to have to make the big putts when you need to, especially early on, because that takes a lot of your momentum.
But I did. Overall, I played good. Unfortunately the two bogeys on the last two holes, I think that's just mentally not being in it as much as I was earlier on. More fatigue. I guarantee tomorrow that I'll be all over that coming down the stretch.
But it is what is it is, and I think I'm in -- tied for second or whatever after the first day, and there's a lot of golf left.

Q. For instance if you were hitting 6-iron, how much of a club wind was it on some holes?
PAULA CREAMER: Oh, it was a lot. The hardest part was just the ball moving. You know, you into the wind and downwind, those are fine. It's just playing your hook and you got to hit this huge fade to hold on. That part is, I think, the most difficult.
Because these greens are so firm. If you have a little draw with a right to left wind it's just gone. It's miles away.

Q. For everyone in the field today, how would you summarize just dealing with everything?
PAULA CREAMER: What do you mean?

Q. Big picture-wise, would you say a struggle for everybody, or is that going too far?
PAULA CREAMER: Well, there's only -- how many people are under par? It's difficult out there. It is. It's very hard. You have to think a lot and you have to be very careful.
The biggest thing is as the days goes on the greens dry how out, fairways are drying our. I hit a 3-rescue through a fairway today further than some of my drivers went. That kind of thing.
You just have to be aware of what's going on, which is, you know, mentally fatiguing. I think who's going to win this tournament will be who is most mentally tough.

Q. How much do you thrive on playing in a group that's got a pretty big gallery following?
PAULA CREAMER: That's big. I've always said I love playing in front of people. That's nice that they can come out and watch and support our golf. To be in that group that definitely helps. It elevated the game. You want to play good and show everybody what you got.

Q. (No microphone.)
PAULA CREAMER: I didn't know that she was at 1-under. I asked Colin on the last hole. I said, What did she finish at? He said, 1-under. I mean, she gets it done. Somehow she gets it done out there, and that's what great. That's why she wins golf tournaments. Kind of under the radar and goes out shoots 1-under par. Between my 1-under and her's, it just didn't seem the same.

Q. The circumstances were different and you hit driver and chased it out there pretty good on No. 17. Is it cool to stand there on the fairway and see Lorena 80 yards behind you?
PAULA CREAMER: It is nice, yes. It's also nice making birdie, too. That makes it even nicer.

Q. I know you like playing the tough courses, but if you had this every day, how much longer would you be playing golf for a living?
PAULA CREAMER: Goodness, I don't know. My hair would probably fall out or be gray by now. I like it. It just brings a totally different aspect of people out on the golf course.
You can't quit. You have to be out there and mentally prepared and be able to hit all kinds of golf shots. That's what I like. I like to go into my golf bag and say, Am I going to hit a low fade or am I going to hit a high draw? Things like that. I think that just really shows that you have everything thing to be a good golfer.

Q. Going back to the Par 5, was there any thought given to taking an unplayable?
PAULA CREAMER: Yes, without a doubt. That's the first thing I thought was an unplayable.

Q. And you didn't because?
PAULA CREAMER: Because I was still going to advance it further. You know, if I made contact it could have gone 40 yards, 30 yards, and then I could have got onto the green like where Kimmie was. I maybe could've made up and down from there to save par.
But at first I was thinking because of my wrist. One bad shot and you're out of here. But I thought I could do it, so I tried. If I was to go back again, I probably would have taken an unplayable, but we'll see.

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