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April 13, 2008

Tiger Woods


Q. You're thinking, I make a couple more putts?
TIGER WOODS: I didn't putt well all week. I was telling Billy over there, I kept dragging the blade. I wasn't releasing it, wasn't getting the overspin like I normally do. Out here if you're not starting the ball perfectly on line, you're not going to make any putts.

Q. What's that a function of, when you're, as you say, dragging the blade?
TIGER WOODS: I've tried to release it, tried to get it going, and tried to hook my putts, tried to do anything to get the thing rolling properly. I just didn't quite have it this week. For some reason on the longer putts I was great. I was able to -- the length of the stroke definitely helps, so on the shorter putts I just kept dragging it.

Q. What about the par-5s? Did you think you were going to be able to get a couple more strokes off there?
TIGER WOODS: There's no doubt. I was probably about a yard off on 2, just barely caught the edge of that bunker there, the only spot you can't put in that right bunker there.
8, I hit it over that hill and I didn't think it was going to check like that.
13, I missed a short one.
15, I had a tough up-and-down but I could have got that one up-and-down.

Q. The par-5s --
TIGER WOODS: No, not with these conditions. You've just got to play them under par each day, and try and sprinkle some more here and there.

Q. Your strength has always been playing for the moment. I just wonder, with all the talk of the Slam, was there anything in your mind about that at all? You were the one, of course, who first presented it and we jumped all over it.
TIGER WOODS: I learned my lesson there with the press. I'm not going to say anything. It's just one of those things when you're out there playing, you couldn't care less. You're trying to win a golf tournament. You're trying to put yourself in position, which I did. I just didn't make the putts I needed to make this entire week. I had the speed right, I just didn't quite get the line right.

Q. How does your putting rank as far as past tournaments?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, last year here. Well, not too many.

Q. I saw you working on the greens last Sunday. Is that something you were working on even then? Were you dragging --
TIGER WOODS: I wasn't, no. It just happened this week.

Q. Just kind of developed?
TIGER WOODS: That's the way it is. Some weeks are like that. You have bad weeks and you have good weeks, and certainly this week was not one of my best.

Q. Talk about playing here Sunday with the lead and having to chase.
TIGER WOODS: Well, with these conditions it's really no different. We're all playing under difficult conditions, and we figured if we shot something in the 60s we're going to be right there with a chance to win and try to put a lot of pressure on Trevor up there. It turns out that would have been the case. But I didn't do my part.

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