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April 12, 2008

Tiger Woods


Q. Talk about your round and the conditions
TIGER WOODS: No doubt. This is Augusta. The wind's blowing just a little bit, just enough to make it interesting. You had to stay patient as possible and I did that all day today.

Q. Were you concerned on 18 that your ball might clip a branch?
TIGER WOODS: No doubt. I had to either make a four or a six, one of the two. Might as well go ahead and make four.

Q. How big was the hole?
TIGER WOODS: Not very big. Probably, I don't know, four feet across, something like that.

Q. Did you come into today feeling a round in the 60s was going to move you up out there?
TIGER WOODS: Well, early, yes, when we were warming up if you shot anything in the red you were going to move up. But the front came through, had the delay, then it calmed down and we really didn't have much wind at all today until the very end.

Q. You spent your entire career wanting to chase Jack Nicklaus, tomorrow you face a deficit that will be exactly the deficit Jack faced in '86. How rewarding would it be to be able to finally do that on the last day of a Major?
TIGER WOODS: I got a lot of work to do tomorrow. Obviously with the conditions are supposed to be pretty blustery tomorrow and a little cooler. And again you got to hang in there and be patient out there because it doesn't take much to make a high number out here.

Q. You felt pretty good yesterday, you said you felt pretty good even though you were seven shots back to start the day, how much better do you feel with it maybe that cut in half?
TIGER WOODS: This is the highest score I could have shot today. I hit the ball so well and I hit so many good putts that just skirted the hole. But, hey, I put myself right back in the tournament.

Q. Start of play today there were three guys with Majors ahead of you, none of them are ahead of you now. You sit in about fourth or fifth, that's a pretty fair jump, a pretty good position and you've always won from out front, and now your back behind.
TIGER WOODS: There's not as many guys ahead of me, but it all depends on what, obviously, what Trevor and Brandt do back there, how low they go.
They have two par-5s they can reach. And 17 if you drive the ball in the fairway you're going to have a short iron in there. So hopefully I can stay within striking distance tomorrow and as of right now I am. But a lot of it is depending upon what they do coming in.

Q. Is it harder to stay patient?
TIGER WOODS: You just have to out here because you can make -- anything can happen. You can shoot yourself right out of it and you can put yourself right back in it.
The back nine they have some dots out there, so you saw the pin locations and they're going to be a little bit more accessible tomorrow. But then again you got the wind blowing tomorrow. It's supposed to be 20 to 30. So we'll see what happens.

Q. If you're going patient, patient, patient. Why force it on 18 through that hole?
TIGER WOODS: Well if I punch out I got to go backwards and again I'm looking at 210 to 220 coming back. So didn't really feel like that -- I had a shot, I was swinging so well all day, the only bad shot I hit was the tee shot on 18. So I put that behind me and go ahead and be committed to starting the ball on the right line with the right trajectory. You've been doing it all day, why not do it here.

Q. Was it the same swing as yesterday at 18?
TIGER WOODS: No, two totally different swings, but the same result.

Q. Having won here four times, knowing the conditions will be difficult tomorrow, what's it going to take?
TIGER WOODS: Depends what the conditions are tomorrow. It could be, if it's calm like this today then obviously it helps. You know what to do. But if it's blowing all over the place it all depends on your timing whether you can time the gusts correctly or not.

Q. Talk a little bit about coming from behind on Sunday at a Major and obviously you either tied or were in the lead in the Majors you won. What's the difference? Do you have to be more aggressive?
TIGER WOODS: Well not out here. Not out here. Especially not under the conditions we're going to have tomorrow. If everything holds up, we're supposed to get the weather we're supposed to get tomorrow, you just got to hang in there and hang around. You know that anything can happen, especially around that corner. With the wind, if the wind's blowing all over the place.
Yesterday we played number, we played No. 11 dead into the wind. And sorry, on Thursday we played 11 dead into the wind I had to hammer a 6-iron. And then we played No. 12 straight down wind. So you just don't know what you're going to get.

Q. Do you think difficult conditions would favor you tomorrow?
TIGER WOODS: I've been around here, I played under these tough conditions here before. It's been blustery here before. The year that Vijay won when him and Duval were going at it, I think it was 2000, it was pretty blustery then. And you got to hang in there.

Q. Is it an important notch in your belt to win a Major coming from behind or does it not matter?
TIGER WOODS: You want to win the Masters, period. Doesn't really matter how you do it as long as you do it.

Q. What was the key to your four birdies?
TIGER WOODS: I only made one putt, really. The putt I made there at 10. Otherwise I really didn't make any putts today for birdie, because they were 2-putt birdies or tap-ins.

Q. How close was this to a 65, 66 from you today?
TIGER WOODS: Wasn't very far at all. If you watch the round, a lot of putts were going right over the edge. It's just one of those day.

Q. What was the shot on 17?
TIGER WOODS: I had 117 to the hole and I hit sand wedge.

Q. What about 18?
TIGER WOODS: I had 180 to the hole and I hit 7-iron.

Q. How hard is that on a scale of 1 to 10?
TIGER WOODS: I just had to make sure I hit it right. I took something off of it to make sure I got the right trajectory. If I hit a full one I knew I could get it all the way back to the flag, but it was more important to get the right trajectory to make sure it got through the gap.

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