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April 11, 2008

Tiger Woods


Q. Talk about your round today?
TIGER WOODS: Well today was quite a grind out there with those conditions. It was blowing, swirling all over the place. We were backing off shot after shot. And it certainly was not a fast front nine. We played right exactly three hours. So a day of patience for sure.

Q. At the end, things started to happen, you started to get the shots and some putts to go in, that's got to make you feel at least a little bit better. You were very frustrated earlier in the day.
TIGER WOODS: I hit the ball well all day. But you got to time that wind. And I was telling Stevie, for most of the day, about three quarters of the day, it kept being like the half club. Right in between clubs all day. And just the nature of how certain days go. How your numbers work out. Today was just one of those days.

Q. Have you ever had a shot from the 10th fairway into this green?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I have.

Q. When? In a tournament?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, in a tournament.

Q. Anybody have their ball on the green at the time?
TIGER WOODS: I heard that it hit, I hit Apple's ball.

Q. And it was possibly going to be turning down toward the hole.
TIGER WOODS: Oh, well, I made four.

Q. Thoughts for tomorrow?
TIGER WOODS: I'm in good shape. I'm obviously seven back, but I need to play well, obviously we got some tougher conditions coming in, and stay patient. This golf course, you can make up shots here quickly. Just got to hang in there.

Q. What happened on 2 on your third shot? Were you in a sand divot?
TIGER WOODS: No, perfect lie and I just flipped it. Trying to put more spin on it, trying to loft it up there with a lot of spin and I overdid it.

Q. Do you think the weather might be an advantage to you since you have a pretty good record over the years with weather?
TIGER WOODS: You have to play well. I don't care if, who you are in this tournament, you have to play well under tough conditions here, and that's kind of how it's going to end up being. You just got to stay so patient around this golf course.
Especially if the conditions get blustery and swirly like today. You have to back off shots, get recommitted, and play unusual shots. Today I had 200 plus yards on 13 and I hit 7. And Angel hit 7-iron over the back from farther. So you hit weird clubs out here under these conditions.

Q. The second shot at the first hole, it looked like you were totally blocked out, but you somehow --
TIGER WOODS: No, I had a great gap. It was pretty big. It was funny, we were over the ball and it was a 9-iron. And then it was getting, they were just walking off the green then it was an 8-iron. And then by the time I had to play it was just a little easy wedge. So that's kind of the nature of how the day went.

Q. But you went over?
TIGER WOODS: I went, yeah, straight over the tree and a little bit left of the little one.

Q. How big was the par putt on 11?
TIGER WOODS: That was nice. You don't want to 3-putt back to back greens. And certainly that would have put a little damper on it. Especially I'm trying to fight to get back into the tournament, I don't want to go 2-over par. And I figured I had two par-5s left I could still get under par, maybe sprinkle one more in there and get right back in the tournament.

Q. Happy with the way you played the par-5s so far?
TIGER WOODS: I need to clean it up a little bit. Certainly I put myself in good shape, hit good shots, like on 13 I hit good shots yesterday and ended up in a tough spot. Today, in perfect shape on 2 and hit a bad third shot. You just can't, you got to eliminate the little mistakes and that's what I have to do over the weekend.

Q. How big was the save on 18?
TIGER WOODS: That was nice. It was nice to end up under par for the day and under par for the Tournament. Seven back is really, on this golf course, under these conditions we're going to have coming up, you can make that up.

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