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April 11, 2008

Bubba Watson


Q. Talk about your day.
BUBBA WATSON: I hit a couple better tee shots. I made two or three more putts. I hit my irons just the same, except the last hole. It's always bad to bogey the last hole. But I played good. With this wind like this, first time seeing it like this, it was rough out there. Me not knowing the course as well as some of these guys, 1-under is not bad for 2-over the first day.

Q. And what did you hit into 6? The birdie?
BUBBA WATSON: Three? I think it was like 194 to the hole and it was downhill. I hit a real low 7-iron and just happened to be the perfect distance. It was borderline distance being right and just got, just crept back there and had about a 15-footer and somehow made it.

Q. And talk about the momentum this builds today, do you have a little more confidence with the driver now than the first day?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, you know, we can always build on it. Now shooting under par one round out here and seeing that we can do it, and if I don't bogey the last hole we shoot 2-under. So that's a good way to start. And a good way to move forward for the weekend.
The weekend's going to get tougher. Sunday we heard that it's going to be pretty nasty. So maybe if I can get middle of the pack, maybe a little better tomorrow, and then hopefully I'll be done way before the leaders and play good.

Q. Will you do anything different on the par-5s?
BUBBA WATSON: The par-5s are so tricky. Sometimes, like today, I hit one on 15, I hit 5-iron over the green. But we, I thought about laying it up just because with that lie like it is, you don't know if the ball, we couldn't tell what the wind was doing, if we were going to hit it soft into the water, hit it over the green, so we almost laid it up there.
But hitting wedge, I feel like I'm a professional, so I feel like I can hit a wedge pretty close, just like Zach did last year. So just because of length doesn't mean you're always going to go for it. But today it paid off. But it was one of those borderline things and my caddie made me do it. He said, "No, just hit it, dude."

Q. How about on 13 was that 2-putts?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, it was 2-putts, I hit driver down there pretty good, just didn't cut it. And hit 6-iron in there to about 30 feet. I played a big breaker there and hit it to about 6 inches, I guess, so it was an easy putt there. Easy birdie putt there.

Q. I've been walking around with DJ a little bit today. How do the guys on TOUR feel about what he's doing? And you specifically.
BUBBA WATSON: They're impressed. For someone like that -- we talked about it today, Sergio gave him a ball, Sergio doesn't know who he is. So I explained to him who he was and he was following me this week and doing a story on me. And he said, really, and I said yes. And he said, man, sometimes when I hit bad shots and I get mad you just got to look over and say like, man, this guy's fighting it every day. Every day it's hard for him and he keeps doing it every day. And to play the golf and to walk these golf course, you know, I mean trying to do every one, it's unbelievable.

Q. There's some pretty big hills here.

Q. One fall a day, I guess?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, he said he takes a fall at least once a day.

Q. Does he do a good interview?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, and I just lie, lie as much as I can. Same thing I do to y'all.

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