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April 10, 2008

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: I hit a lot of good putts, nothing really went. I just had to stay patient out there, and I ended up okay, even par.

Q. The shot on 15, did it get you going, to make that eagle?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, it was a pretty easy little pitch. It was straight uphill. The ball was sitting up. It was pretty soft underneath there and just had to carry it far enough, and it went in.

Q. Are you ever nervous with it being the first round and all the expectations?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, you're always nervous every time you tee it up. If you're not nervous, that means you don't care, so why play? I care about what I shoot and how I play. I take great pride in what I do. So yeah, you're going to be a little nervous, and that's a good thing.

Q. Why did you say it plays more like a U.S. Open?
TIGER WOODS: Well, there's really no roars out there anymore because you can't -- it's hard to make the eagles and the big birdies. The golf course is playing so much more difficult now being longer, and it has dried out this week. As the week has gone on it's gotten drier and it's going to going to get more that way towards Sunday.

Q. It looked like the hole locations were --
TIGER WOODS: They were good. They were a little bit softer than we've seen them, but man, the pins were tucked pretty good. I mean, you can't really say there was an easy one out there. You think the only easy one might be 11, but if you leave it a little right of the green, then you're looking at one of the hardest little pitches now.

Q. At this point do you like your position?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, it's good. I kept myself in the tournament, I'm right there. With the weather supposed to be getting more difficult as the week goes on, I'm right there.

Q. Is there anything in particular you will go and work on right now?
TIGER WOODS: I'm just going to relax. I'm going to hit a few putts, but I feel good about how I played all day. I hit the ball really well. I hit a lot of good putts that just didn't go in. That's just the way it goes. I've just got to stay patient out there and hopefully it'll turn.

Q. The second shot on 8, the 3-wood?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I tried to play -- I tried to play it long left and hit it up against the grandstand back there and have the easy pitch uphill, but evidently it flew into it, hit a pole. One of the guys told me it actually hit the pole underneath the grandstand and kicked to the right, so now I had just -- just trying to make 5 from where I was at.

Q. What about 13?
TIGER WOODS: The second shot was sweet. The high drawing 4-iron, had to start the ball right of the creek, hooked it all the way in there, landed pin high and skipped it over the back and left myself the hardest pitch you could possibly have on this golf course. Sitting a little sandy, into the grain, downhill. Stevie and I were talking about it, and in hindsight we should have just -- I thought I was pitching good enough to hit that shot, but we were saying just putt it down there and have a 30- or 40-footer coming back up the hill. I said, I'm pitching good, I can pull this off; I can keep it on the top shelf. It just didn't happen.

Q. The second shot, you thought it was good?
TIGER WOODS: I thought it was sweet. It was 214 into the wind, right to left, and just hit a big sweeping draw in there, one of the best swings I made all day.

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