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March 14, 2008

Tiger Woods


Q. Thoughts for the weekend?
TIGER WOODS: I'll have to play better and make a lot more putts than I have been. I just never got the speed of these things today. I kept leaving them short and had a hard time getting to the hole.

Q. Frustrating right now, you birdied the ninth hole --
TIGER WOODS: I just wasn't swinging the club very well today and when I did put myself in position to make a putt, I didn't make them.

Q. Seven back, two days to go, still within striking distance?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, yeah. I just need to play better and obviously make more putts than I have been. If I can do that, I'll get myself back in the tournament.

Q. Any idea what the problem is?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, they are all short. I just could not get them to the hole. It was frustrating.

Q. So the last one --
TIGER WOODS: Sums up the whole day right there.

Q. Your irons?
TIGER WOODS: About the same, I didn't hit them very good today. It was decent, not great.

Q. Last time you played greens this slow?
TIGER WOODS: THE TOUR Championship they were slow, but they were smoother. These are slow and -- like I said yesterday, the hard part was every green is slightly different speeds, and I have to make the adjustments and I was struggling to make the adjustment today.

Q. Is there a part of you that's afraid to give it a go?
TIGER WOODS: You don't want those coming back, not on these things.

Q. 3-putts today?
TIGER WOODS: No, zero.

Q. That's good.
TIGER WOODS: That is good. Just lag them up there and tap them in.

Q. How about the shot out of the rough on 18?
TIGER WOODS: Well, it was a hit-and-hope. I had 83 to the hole and I had 6-iron and just aimed a little left of the hole, swing hard and hopefully it comes out. If it doesn't, I'm dropping, probably making seven.

Q. You pushed a couple at the end.
TIGER WOODS: More than just a couple. Yeah, I was laying the club down quite a bit pretty much all day, and just one of those things where if I stayed back, I hit the flip hook. If I fight the flip hook, I get ahead of it, I hit it straight right and somewhere in between, you have to time it. Not where you need to have it. I'll do some work tonight and probably do a little work tomorrow morning and I'll be all right.

Q. A timing issue?
TIGER WOODS: It's a club position issue. If you have the club in a bad position, even if you're right on timing, it's not what you want to have happen.

Q. Somebody says Ben Hogan, what do you think?
TIGER WOODS: Well, he hit it pretty good.

Q. Can you go at the flags a little more aggressively?
TIGER WOODS: I guess you could. But I wasn't swinging good enough to take advantage of that. I was playing a little more conservative on some of my distances.

Q. With the work you've done on your putting, does it not matter a week like this?
TIGER WOODS: I hit good putts, and just obviously hit them harder.

Q. Is the practice putting green like the greens on the course?

Q. No correlation?

Q. So you can't get ready for it no matter what you do?
TIGER WOODS: It's the best green on the property.

Q. What do you do to simulate?
TIGER WOODS: You have to hit them hard -- for me, I had to hit them hard, and I didn't do that today. I struggled with it, and you know, feeding the putts down, you can't do that. And then with a little bit of moisture on it, just made it that much more difficult for me.

Q. Does your game plan change at all for tomorrow?
TIGER WOODS: No, it's the same. Just try to hit the ball a little better and give myself some putting chances and hopefully I can give myself putts where I can go ahead and take a run at them and give them a roll and hopefully go in.

Q. Do you sacrifice some precision?
TIGER WOODS: Well, it's just different, and we've done it before. We've had to make the adjustments, and I just need to do it. I just need to make those adjustments.

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