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February 6, 2008

James Blake

Bob Bryan

Mike Bryan

Patrick McEnroe

Andy Roddick


TIM CURRY (THE MODERATOR): Questions for Captain McEnroe and the US Team.

Q. Can you tell us about your first impressions here? Also what do you think about this type of court?
CAPTAIN McENROE: We're very happy to be here. I think, obviously, you know, Austria has a very good team, solid players all around. We're expecting a tough match.
But the court is fine. I think it's normal that indoor clay courts take a couple of days to settle and get a little better. But I think for the first couple of days it's been okay. I think by Friday it will be much better.

Q. How do you manage it that you always have these four guys on your team? Nine times in a row. Some people here in Austria expected maybe one time, come and have a big success.
CAPTAIN McENROE: I think we're lucky, that's all. These guys have been committed to playing for their country ever since they started playing. There's no secret other than they care, and they're committed thru wins and losses. So I think we should ask them more why, than ask me. I've just been lucky to be here and to be part of this ride.

Q. You never lost a set to Melzer and Koubek are they a big favorite?
ANDY RODDICK: You can look at it two ways either they're due to win a set or two or three. I matches that I remember I remember I played some of my best tennis against those two guys for whatever reason. But never in this type of atmosphere, you know, in their home country, on clay. It's going to probably be the most difficult situation for me to play them in. So I don't know if I'm putting a whole lot of stock into the previous meetings.

Q. James, is there any pressure as the defending champions, or is this just another tie for you guys?
JAMES BLAKE: I don't think there is such a thing as just another tie in Davis Cup. There is so much pressure we put on ourselves. We wanted to do this for many reasons: especially for how much we care about the team and the fact that we're representing our country. So there's no Davis Cup title without pressure.
To add anymore pressure being defending champs, I don't know if I'd put any stock in that, because like I said we put so much pressure on ourselves before that. We're proud to be Davis Cup champions. We understand that the bullseye's on our back as the champions.
But Andy and the Bryans are probably even more comfortable dealing with that than I am, being at the top of the game for so long. So, we should be pretty well equipped to deal with whatever pressure is put on us.

Q. Still kind of surreal being here so soon after winning the Cup?
JAMES BLAKE: It does. And you know, it's tough, I think. Tougher for the fans to realize than it is us. Because for fans to see how excited and how thrilled we were to be Davis Cup champions just a couple months ago and realize we're already playing again is just crazy to think how quickly of a turn around it is, and the fact that we had a Grand Slam, one of our biggest events in between. It just shows how seemingly endless the schedule is. And that maybe there could be calls for reform and maybe having the finalist nations get a bye or have it every two years.
But that is something we need to discuss with the ITF, and hopefully they'll understand the point of view from the players' side as opposed to just the organizers' side.

Q. The Austrians in a way think you might be the weakest point in a very strong team. What do you think of this role?
JAMES BLAKE: I think I've been in that role ever since this team was put together. Andy Roddick's one of the best players America's ever seen. And I'm pretty comfortable with the situation being that I am also playing with the best doubles team in the world.
So, I mean, I'm realistic that I'm the number 2, and that's probably going to be the focal point of most teams. I understand that pressure. I know that coming in, and I hope these guys have the confidence in me that I'm going to give my best and hopefully come up with at least one, maybe two wins.
I feel like every team has a number 2 that the other teams kind of focus in on as the weak point. I feel like I'm hopefully not quite as weak as any other teams. I feel like I'm a pretty strong number 2. On other teams I could even be a number 1. So I'm pretty comfortable with that role that they're going to try to win two against me, and I'm just going to make sure not to let that happen.
ANDY RODDICK: That being said, the majority of the time he's ranked higher than number one for most teams, so that's pretty good for us.

Q. Bob and Mike, do you guys still think about that final point where you clinched it (the 2007 Davis Cup title)?
MIKE BRYAN: Yeah, every day. We're still riding high after winning that. That was, I think, the pinnacle of our career. Just dreaming about Davis Cup for so long and being able to clinch it. Looking back and seeing some of the pictures, seeing Andy and James jump on us, and the celebrations were so fun. Yeah, I mean, it was one of our huge goals. And yeah, we accomplished it and had, and we were fortunate enough to be able to clinch it, which is cool.

Q. Should people take too much out of your result in Australia?
BOB BRYAN: Obviously it was, you know, it was tough to lose a heartbreaker in the quarters there. But like James says, the schedule never stops. There's always the next opportunity. Right when we lost there, we started shifting our eyes to this match right here and started working hard. Tennis always gives you that next chance to redeem yourself and to have a next glory.
So we really want to win this match. It's a big match for us, and we're playing against a tough team. One of the toughest teams in Davis Cup. Julian Knowle beat us at the US Open. So we know he can play good tennis. Hopefully, they're going to play their best stuff, and we can match them and play a little better.

Q. Can you tell a little about what Davis Cup means to you? Also you've had more time than expected as preparation. Do you prepare more for this Davis Cup now?
ANDY RODDICK: I think it goes without saying, I've said many times that Davis Cup means a lot to me. It's a priority in my career that hasn't changed since last year. I guess you could say the one good thing coming out of Australia was that I had more time to prepare for this tie which I took advantage of. So I feel prepared.

Q. Andy, what do you remember from the last tie against Austria at Mohegan Sun? I think you had a record serve at the time.
ANDY RODDICK: Yeah, I don't know. I don't get too high on the service guns and speeds and stuff. That's kind of just something that's like a circus stat as opposed to anything that has any substance or relevance in the grand scheme of things.
But I remember it was a little bit of a smaller crowd than expected because there was a snowstorm outside when we started. So I'm hoping the weather will stay like this so we can actually have a crowd.

Q. In your estimation, can you say what do you think your odds are as the favorites?
CAPTAIN McENROE: No, I don't get into any of that. But I think your guys look good. We're ready to play our best. We all know that each match has potential difficulties, but each match for them has difficulties, too. So we have a lot of respect for their team. They've got experience, so I think if our guys play well and if they handle the conditions well, we've got a good chance.

Q. James, Koubek and Eschauer, which one is the most dangerous for you?
JAMES BLAKE: Tough to say most dangerous with the depth in men's tennis the way it is because anyone on a given day can play Top 10 tennis. Both of them have beaten Top 10 players and both can compete in Davis Cup as well. So I would say either one on a given day can be very dangerous. So I don't want to rate them one higher than the other.
They're very close in the rankings. Koubek's just a couple spots higher. So it shows throughout the past year they've had a very comparable year. So both of them, I know, are going to be very dangerous.

Q. Do you keep your guys concentrated? They must be watching TV all the time: First Super Bowl and Super Tuesday?
CAPTAIN McENROE: It's good, keeps us busy when we're back in the hotel. As long as they come on the court and concentrated, that's all I care about.
ANDY RODDICK: We don't play football, and I don't think any of us are running for office any time soon.
CAPTAIN McENROE: You should, you should consider that.
ANDY RODDICK: I'm good. I'm politically correct. Never say anything bad, so, I'd be a good policitian.
CAPTAIN McENROE: We're hoping for a Super Weekend for us.
ANDY RODDICK: Super Sunday.

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