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February 2, 2008

Tiger Woods


Q. Your thoughts on a day that certainly didn't go to plan.
TIGER WOODS: No, I didn't play well today. I didn't hit the ball close enough on the greens, and consequently I was lag putting a lot. Never really gave myself a lot of looks at birdies.

Q. Sometimes when you're struggling with your swing on the course, you try and make adjustments during the round; did you do that today?
TIGER WOODS: Pretty much every shot, because you had to work the ball all different ways and also change your traj as well. You had to keep fluid with your game plan, and I was doing that all day.

Q. You spoke yesterday about a myriad of distractions and on the 8th tee somebody clicked a camera; frustrating?
TIGER WOODS: Just the way it goes. Just one of those things you have to deal with our galleries and you know, you've just got to fight through it.

Q. You love to compete, with he know that and four shots behind Ernie and Stenson ahead of you, thoughts on tomorrow?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah I have to go out and play a good round of golf and play better than I have the last two days and obviously start making some putts.

Q. What will the game plan be?
TIGER WOODS: Obviously hit the ball better and make putts; that's not too complicated.

Q. If you're four or five shots behind with eight or nine holes to go, do you start taking risks or wait for 17 and 18 where so much can happen?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I think you've just got to play smart. You know, you can't go out there and play stupid. You've got to go ahead and place the golf ball correctly and give yourself chances on each and every hole.

Q. So now off the range to do some work?
TIGER WOODS: No. I have to do more media interviews here.

Q. Your impression of playing alongside Damien McGrane and what you thought of him?
TIGER WOODS: Damien did well today. Obviously he's probably never been in that circumstance before but he went out there and grinded his way along today and kept himself right there in the tournament.

Q. He looked like he held his head high and not distracted by all the carnival that goes with you.
TIGER WOODS: You've just got to go out there and play and no matter what's going on, you still have to post a number, and he did that and I think we as players and competitors, that's what you have to do.

Q. How big of a problem were the cameras out there? We saw them on 1 and 8.
TIGER WOODS: Just the way it is.

Q. Do you think it's reached the point where they need to start banning them at tournaments?
TIGER WOODS: We did in the States. We did that in the States and just a little different over here. The States have done a pretty good job of that the last few years and obviously I think because you go to different countries all the time, it makes a big difference.

Q. Fine shot on the 8th hole from the left desert there. What exactly were you looking at there?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I have two options, either I could go high left and try and cut it, but I wasn't -- if I hit it up high left and if I didn't cut it enough where that pin was back left, I had no angle, so if I was on a hill on the left, I would have to be -- granted I would be chipping back into the wind but I had no angle in to the flag.
I figured if I went low underneath the trees, if I did not hook it, I still had an angle to pitch up the green, and I hit a good shot up there, came up short and hit a breezy pitch.

Q. What did you hit?
TIGER WOODS: 5-iron, just to try to putt it towards the front.

Q. What happened with the second shot on the last?
TIGER WOODS: I overcut it. I just hit a spinner up there. It wasn't that far right. But it certainly was not penetrating through the wind like it needed to.

Q. Which club was that?
TIGER WOODS: That was 3-wood.

Q. It looked like it was lying down.

Q. Do you have any idea what sort of score you'd like tomorrow?
TIGER WOODS: Well, we'll see. I don't know what the conditions are going to be tomorrow but I'm going to have to play better than I did the last two days, that's for sure.
You know, make some putts. I need to get off to a positive start and you know, going to hopefully turn the back nine better than I have been going into the back nine.

Q. You've been in this situation before with Henrik and Ernie on the last day in Dubai; is that something that you can relish?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I think as a competitor, you always want to be up there in the mix going into the back nine on Sunday. So hopefully I can get myself back up in there and give myself a shot at it.

Q. Ernie said he might need something on the order of a 65, something around that because you guys are going to be going low.
TIGER WOODS: We all see the dots for tomorrow and they are not really all that tucked. But the thing is, how is the wind going to be tomorrow, and if it's calm like it was the first day, you'll see a bunch of guys shoot under par and probably pretty low. But if it's blowing a little bit, it makes things a little bit more interesting.

Q. You drove the ball beautifully on the first day and you've been wayward the last two; can you put your finger on why?
TIGER WOODS: Just spinning the ball too much, not penetrating it through the wind, and consequently just hitting these little up-shooters.

Q. And you're not playing again till the World Match Play; is that right?

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