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January 9, 2008

Svetlana Kuznetsova



Q. How do you feel about your form going into the Australian Open?
SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA: I hope to still get some more matches here, but I feel good. I would like to feel -- yeah, to play more points is the main key I need now.
But I feel like I played well. I playing a little bit different and I improved some things that I was working on in pre-season and really look forward to play. I think I mature also, just analyzing more what I'm doing during the game.

Q. It's been a few years since you won a breakthrough Grand Slam, and you've been knocking on the door last couple of years. What do you have to do to your game to take it to the next step?
SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA: Be play a bit more consistent. I was consistent last year than past years. I'm all the time just one step far away, you know? To make the step I just need to play important matches better and maybe believe in myself a little bit more.
Yeah, definitely to do the right thing on important moments. I think I was missing that.

Q. You played on Court 1 yesterday and on Centre Court today. Did you notice any change, difference?
SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA: Well, yeah, it's always different to play Centre Court because it's bigger and much more space, but on Centre Court it's more wind and the difference of speed, there is a little bit, but I don't know exactly which way it goes. It was a bit weird today.

Q. There's been a couple comments from Fabrice Santoro and Richard Gasquet that the ball is a little slower and you have to use a lot more power. Do you find that?
SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA: Yeah. The ball is slower, especially it gets at the end, like on the fifth, sixth game. Yeah, you got to use a little bit power. Sometimes if you don't play it really good the ball stops and it's very comfortable for opponent. The balls are heavy and you got to use more power, but for me I like that.

Q. Do you see that this year's Australian Open is as open as it's every been?
SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA: Well, I see last year Justine was not here and now she's and she is No. 1, so I think she's main one I think for everybody. She was in the final the year she played and she played good, she won the US Open.
So for me she's the main contender, and then around other ones who is around. I think the main one is Justine I think.

Q. Do I think that when everyone is playing their best she's the best?
SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA: No, I don't think. I mean, this is the point of tennis is never nobody plays a better game -- like the best. Like if everybody plays the best it's never happens because there is so many ups and downs. Justine, she has more matches than other players where she plays good, so this is her key, I guess.

Q. How much does fitness play a part at the Australian Open more than the other Grand Slams because of its timing?
SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA: Because of this time and then because of the heat. Because fitness and the heat it's very important thing. Players who is fitter going to play better the matches when it's very hot, which is most of the matches. This is why it's most important, not because of the time of the year.

Q. Are you playing doubles in Melbourne?
SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA: I'm not sure yet. Depends. I was spoken to play with Amélie, but it depends how is her injury going.

Q. Do you think the change in the courts will make this year's Australian Open a little bit more of a lottery to everyone?
SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA: I think everybody comes to Australian Open every year and get used to the courts, because definitely they played something else before. It's not like they played all year and now nobody used to it, no.
I think it's just going to be good for players who switch better the surface. That's it.

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