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January 7, 2008

Peter Luczak


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Peter.

Q. Disappointed we know, Peter. Can you just talk you through that last set?
PETER LUCZAK: Yeah, it is disappointing, especially when you lose 6-Love in the third. But definitely -- I don't think it was due to fitness, so I guess that's a positive. Normally when you see a set 6-Love you think, Oh, the guy ran out of steam, I guess. I don't think it was the case out there.
I had a loose service game -- the first service game I got broken and he played a good game actually, and then the second one I was up 40-Love and I just took it easy. He played a couple good points, but still I should have closed out that game. When it was 4-Love just a bit too late. The last service game he had a couple unbelievable shots again, and that's it.

Q. I was going to say the class of some of those shots just shows you why people do break so often.
PETER LUCZAK: Yeah. I mean, one running passing shot off the backhand was only about a few centimeters off the ground and he just took a full swing at it and just hit a clean one up the line. There's not much you can do.

Q. Generally speaking, how do you feel your form is going into the Australian Open?
PETER LUCZAK: I think I'm hitting the ball well, just disappointing that I can't -- last week I only won one out of the three matches, and here I lost again first round. I don't know, it feels like I'm hitting the ball okay, just some of the close games and close matches I'm just losing.
I just think you need one decent match or one close set where you end up winning, and then if you get your confidence things start turning around. Physically I feel good and strong. Maybe the best-of-five will do me good next week.

Q. Is there anything you put that down to in particular, or is it the guys that you're up against? What is it that's causing that?
PETER LUCZAK: I just think, you know, it's tough when you haven't played a match in two months. Those are the first three matches I've played in a while, so I think just a bit more match practice. As I said earlier, just get a bit of confidence. Just try to get through one of those tiebreak sets or like a 7-5, and then I think you'll be off and racing.

Q. How does this fit into your Australian Open preparations?
PETER LUCZAK: You know, whatever happens you got to take it as a positive. Now I just think, Okay, that was meant to happen. I go to Melbourne earlier and try to train more than I would've if I had been in this tournament.
I'll be getting a few extra gym sessions in and a bit more training, and in the end it's a game of tennis. It's not the end of world when you lose a match.

Q. Did you dwell on results, or do you try to analyze it and move on or just move on as soon as you leave the court?
PETER LUCZAK: No. I'll talk to the my coach about it. It's always good to try to get something out of the match. You know, right now I'm obviously pretty disappointed, but it only lasts a couple of hours and then hopefully I'll be okay by tomorrow.
We'll talk about it probably tonight and just go through some of the things I could have or should have done, and hopefully that will do me good in the future.

Q. Are you doing doubles here?
PETER LUCZAK: No double here.

Q. Will you practice here or go to Melbourne?
PETER LUCZAK: Probably going to Melbourne tomorrow.

Q. You talked about match practice. Is there any way you can replicate that?
PETER LUCZAK: Yeah. I think there will be a lot of guys around in Melbourne. I think they start the quallies on Wednesday, so there will be a few guys that will lose early in the quallies and might be wanting to hang around and play a few, practice matches.
I'm sure there will be guys losing here in the first or second round that will be down in Melbourne, so there will be plenty the guys around to practice with.

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