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November 8, 2007

Paul Casey


Q. Tell me about a good day.
PAUL CASEY: Good start to 2008, wasn't it. Yeah, nice way to start. I'm looking forward to this year. You know, I started off 2007 brilliantly. I won in Abu Dhabi. The rest of the year was probably a little bit disappointing. Although I did have some great round of golf in there, like the 66 at the U.S. Open and stuff like that.
All in all, a little bit frustrated. So, it's nice to start off this season with 4-under par 68, and it keeps me in contention here. Because we've got a tough, tough field, and it's going to be a lot of players, great players, that I need to beat if I want to try to win this thing.

Q. Can you clear your mind and wipe the slate and say, yes, this is a new season and begin again as if the last year is all put behind you?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, pretty easily. No, it's not too difficult. I mean, we have to take every tournament as it comes. It's quite bizarre that we go from Valderrama last week to, you know, here in China and Shanghai to start a new season and only have three days in between the season. I mean, that's a whole different topic, whole can of worms we could open up there. Yeah, enough said about that. (Laughing).
But, you've just got to get on and do it. The tough thing this week so far has been the traveling and trying to get here in time. There's a few guys who didn't manage to play practise rounds because it took so long to get here. You know, I'm pretty fit. I think I managed to get over it pretty quickly. Yeah, no problem with trying to focus and get on with the job.

Q. We'll pry that can open sightly; would you prefer a break?
PAUL CASEY: Of course I would. I would love a break and there should be a break, it's as simple as that. You know, this is a great tournament, and guys really want to be fresh for this one. And unfortunately they are not.
It was very, very difficult to get here. Home Sunday night, got home very late, had to get on a plane straightaway on Monday and only didn't get here until Tuesday a morning, Tuesday lunchtime by the time you've driven from the airport. A day and a half is not long to prepare for a championship as good as this one with a field as good as this.
You know, you do your bit supporting The European Tour, but sometimes it's tough, it's as simple as that. We have to choose the tournaments we play in very carefully, and we have to look after ourselves. I mean, we are -- ultimately, we choose where we play. You know, which one do you play? I try and play both because I want to support The European Tour, because it's my home tour. But it's, you know, you've got to scratch your head sometimes, because I want to be fresh for every tournament and I'm not this week.

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