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October 31, 2007

Heath Slocum

Boo Weekley


STEWART MOORE: Heath and Boo, thank you for spending a few minutes with us in the Children's Miracle Network Classic interview room. You guys are going to be representing the United States in the World Cup November 19th in China. I'm sure the world is awaiting Boo Weekley's arrival in China. Maybe talk about what you guys are going to look forward to and then we'll take some questions.
BOO WEEKLEY: I think it will just be fun just to go over there. I know I've only left the country one time, and that was to go to Scotland, and it will be fun to see what's going on.

Q. You played in Mexico, didn't you?
BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, Mexico, but --
HEATH SLOCUM: That's still North America.
BOO WEEKLEY: Twice then. Yeah, that's still part of North America. Thanks, Heath.
HEATH SLOCUM: I think it's going to be cool for us to represent our country. We obviously played high school golf together, but more importantly we've been friends for a very long time. I think we'll complement each other's game very well, and we will have a lot of fun.
No matter how we play, it will be fun. It will be a great experience. Neither one of us have been to China. I think it will be fun. We're good friends with our caddies; they're both coming. It will be a good foursome, and we'll have fun.

Q. Fishing pole coming?
BOO WEEKLEY: Probably not, no.

Q. (Away from microphone.)

Q. You guys were in high school at the same time. When they played matches then, did you get paired together then, number one and two or --
HEATH SLOCUM: We never played with each other during the matches. There was five of us, and we teed off individually with two other schools.

Q. Were you ever -- how far separated were you in school?
HEATH SLOCUM: Graduated same year.

Q. When was that?

Q. Who was one and who was two?
BOO WEEKLEY: It was kinda back and forth. At the beginning it was Heath and another guy, and then as it got just me and him, it was back and forth.

Q. What happened to the other guy?
BOO WEEKLEY: He graduated. (Chuckles.)

Q. Where is he now, Boo?
BOO WEEKLEY: Zeke? Where is he?
HEATH SLOCUM: Callaway, in research and development.
BOO WEEKLEY: Zeke Snyder.
HEATH SLOCUM: We had two pros come out of there as well. Had a guy who was the pro at the Moors in Hilton, and Brian Speaker was a pro at Perdida. He's not there anymore; he's in Charlotte, I believe, but he was a head pro there for a while. Golf was a big part -- had a lot of talent come through there.

Q. (Away from microphone.)
BOO WEEKLEY: He was in 8th grade. We could have used him.
HEATH SLOCUM: We sure could have.

Q. How did this all get pitched to you guys, and what do you think about that part of China, if anything?
BOO WEEKLEY: It got pitched to me about four or five days ago, and my agent called me up and said, "Hey, do you want to go to China? I know you didn't want to play this winter because of the hunting season." And I said, "I don't know. What is it about?" And he said, "It's the World Cup; you represent the United States." And I said, "Is that all?" And he said, "No, you get to take a playing partner," And I said, "I'm in if Heath can go."
So he said to call Heath, so I did, and he said he had to check on things and he'd call me back. When he called me back, he said he was in on it, so we booked our flights, going to China.
HEATH SLOCUM: I just talked it over with my wife, and once we talked about that and set up the dates -- it was Thanksgiving, and I was going to miss it -- I told Boo I would call him back tomorrow morning, and it was probably 30 minutes later and I said, "I'm in!"

Q. When was that?
HEATH SLOCUM: It was Wednesday, because I was in the Pro-Am, and it was a rain day, so I went inside and saw I'd missed some calls, and one was Boo, so I called him back.

Q. (Away from microphone.)
BOO WEEKLEY: That was a bad deal, because I didn't know anything about that.
HEATH SLOCUM: He's fine with it.

Q. He knew it wasn't his call.
BOO WEEKLEY: But it was sure -- you book all your stuff, you know, and all of the sudden, it's kinda -- some of them tickets ain't refundable, you know? You just got to bite $4,000 or $5,000, that's tough.

Q. If they had not given you your pick and you couldn't have picked Heath, would you have golfed?
BOO WEEKLEY: If I had been by myself, I wasn't going over there. I ain't -- I'd have stuck around the house.

Q. What do you know about China?
BOO WEEKLEY: It's a long ways away. They got the Great Wall of China.

Q. (Away from microphone.)
HEATH SLOCUM: While in college I played in the U.S./Japan matches. That's the closest I've come; 12 people, 8 guys, 4 women, and it was in Japan. That was a good experience. It was a lot of fun. It was different, because it was a group of us. At the same time it was still -- whenever they give you a red, white and blue bag and put "U.S.A." on it, it's still cool.

Q. Boo?
BOO WEEKLEY: I'm excited to go over there, and like Heath said, it's an honor to represent your country. I wouldn't have gone by myself, though; it's not that I didn't want to represent my country, but I ain't into traveling, especially during hunting season.

Q. What season is it?

Q. It would be deer season if you were at home now?
BOO WEEKLEY: I would have gotten up at 4:30 in the morning, and I'd probably still be in the woods right now.

Q. You would be looking around and --
BOO WEEKLEY: I'd be up a tree, about 35, 40 feet.

Q. Do you guys hunt together?
HEATH SLOCUM: Quite a bit. It's been a while, but growing up that's what we did up until, really, a few years ago.

Q. What's your favorite gun?
BOO WEEKLEY: My Browning 308.

Q. Because?
BOO WEEKLEY: Because I can shoot a long ways with it.

Q. You take that thing up in a tree and hang out for a while?
BOO WEEKLEY: Climb up a three and sit there anywhere from two to five, six hours.

Q. Have you guys had time to look into the golf course? I think it's far enough down south in China to where it's Bermuda. You may be used to the playing conditions; it's sort of subtropical, I think.
HEATH SLOCUM: I looked at Mission Hills and saw the different golf courses. I never saw on the website about what kind of grass. I know there were 12, 15 golf courses. Biggest resort maybe in the world? But I didn't see any type of grass. The weather is supposed to be warm. This time of year it should be nice.

Q. I'm sure the Americans have not finished in the Top-10 there in the last two or three years and starting to have some of their worst finishes ever. Any motivation not only to have a good time but to carry the flag proudly?
BOO WEEKLEY: Oh, yeah, we want to win.
HEATH SLOCUM: It's still pride. Pride between the both of us and, yeah, American pride. Again, we're going to be the only two Americans in the field. We definitely want to play well for ourselves and for our country. This is as close to the Olympics as you can get in golf, I suppose, right now. The Ryder Cup and the President's Cup doesn't truly let every country in. I think it's just going to be a blast! And, yeah, I don't think either one of us want to make the trip during Thanksgiving that far around the world to not play well. We're going there definitely to win!

Q. How much have you played in the fall, Boo?
BOO WEEKLEY: What do you call the fall series, the last nine --

Q. Last seven, counting this one.
BOO WEEKLEY: Once, I think. This would be the second. I played in Mississippi and this one.

Q. Did you want a break to hunt?
BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, I just wanted to hunt. I've been out about a month now. I figured I could come out and knock the dust off them a little bit and play this week and get ready to go to China, just start playing, you know?

Q. Could you guys -- I know you face this question many times in various forms. The sense of two guys from the same town -- I was teasing Heath about it yesterday, it's not just the U.S. you're representing; you're representing the tiny little place on the map that you're from, which is really rare.
BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, it's pretty neat.

Q. What's the reaction? Do they know what this is all about there yet?
BOO WEEKLEY: I know they don't. Some of them do, some of them that follow golf they do, but a lot of them don't even know we're going yet. I think there was a big write-up in the paper about it, so everybody should know now. I think it's the first time it come out.

Q. Pensacola paper?
BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, yes, sir.

Q. (Away from microphone.)
BOO WEEKLEY: No, no, you might be able to catch him in a crop duster when he comes back.

Q. How do you get from home to China?
BOO WEEKLEY: The way I got it figured up. We are going to have to fly to Atlanta or Charlotte --
(Cell phone ringing.)
BOO WEEKLEY: Now I got a phone call. How do you turn this thing off --

Q. You can answer it.
BOO WEEKLEY: I think we go to Charlotte or Atlanta, and then somewhere else, and then over.

Q. How long does it take? Did you look?
HEATH SLOCUM: Eighteen hours.
BOO WEEKLEY: I just know --
HEATH SLOCUM: Atlanta to Seoul to Hong Kong, eighteen hours flying time.

Q. Then you get to Hong Kong and then what?
HEATH SLOCUM: I think it's a 45-minute -- or hour and a half, I can't remember, from Hong Kong to the resort.

Q. Bet you can catch a crop duster in Hong Kong.
HEATH SLOCUM: It would be nice to fly from there to there, but I don't think it's -- I think it's in an automobile, and they'll drive us over.

Q. I think the week before it's the Hong Kong Open?

Q. I know a couple guys going to that, because it's on the front end.
HEATH SLOCUM: My management asked me if I wanted to play if they could get me in, and I said, "Well, let's see if we can get in first, and then I will consider it." I haven't heard back. It was such short notice; they had their field. I'm not sure if it was a full-field event. I didn't look into it a whole lot other than they said if they could get me in would I consider it, and I haven't heard anything else.
One week over is going to be fine, just play up until then. Take a day, I'm sure, a little over a day to get used to -- acclimated to the time change, but by the tournament it will be good.

Q. Were they in Japan that year or were they over here?
HEATH SLOCUM: They were in Japan.

Q. So you've been over there --
HEATH SLOCUM: It was outside of Hong Kong.

Q. Either of you guys taking the family?
HEATH SLOCUM: No, I'm not.
HEATH SLOCUM: Just the four of us. Us two and our caddies.
BOO WEEKLEY: I'm actually flying in from hunting -- fly in at eleven on Sunday night, and then I turn right back around and get on the airplane that morning at five.

Q. You're not going hunting with Dick Cheney, are you?
BOO WEEKLEY: No, no, not really. (Chuckles.)
STEWART MOORE: Thank you, guys.

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