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October 11, 2007

Paul Casey


GRAEME HAMLETT: Welcome, success today, give us your reaction, please.
PAUL CASEY: I think very lucky to be honest. I played some nice golf this morning and started all right on the first couple of holes this afternoon, and then I went a bit wayward after that, and I feel very fortunate to be sitting here through to the next round. I think, well, certainly Jerry sort of could have taken the match further, and could have gone the other way.
But I did get fortunate and he missed a couple of putts and here we are.
GRAEME HAMLETT: That's the first time you've been past the 15th hole in the competition.
PAUL CASEY: It did go through my mind rolling in the birdie putt on 16. I was hoping I would be having a putt for the win but you have to expect any of the guys out here to hole every possible shot, and that's what he did.
GRAEME HAMLETT: Resilient opponent, and you're equally resilient.
PAUL CASEY: I'm resilient, but when you're hitting it sideways as I was, I wanted to put every ounce of pressure on him I could. Hitting those sorts of golf shots and finding those three ditches off the 9th through to the 15th is not good golf.
But we carry on and move on and hopefully the game can turn around quickly. Did hit I some very good golf shots today, possibly just a little bit of fatigue and tired legs, tired back, tired head.

Q. How important --
PAUL CASEY: It was very important. That was a big moment, it could have -- another lost hole, probably three in a row, would have been damaging. So I was frustrated.
We had a lot of distractions today for whatever reason, and we had wonderful crowds out there but people seemed to be walking all over the place. Difficult to -- I don't know, why is t was difficult but it just seemed to be people all over the place. I was distracted on the 5-wood I had in to the 12th. I should have hit that shot on to the green. I should have made five, just not the way I did it.

Q. (Inaudible)
PAUL CASEY: No, the bunker was superb. The thing is there should not be any people off to the right of the 12th green probably more for safety reasons more than anything because balls can go in that direction and obviously people driving off the 13th.
And this morning, that green was surrounded and then this afternoon, I looked up just as I was over the ball and there were people walking right behind the green and a couple of marshals trying to ferry them out of the way. One of those things.

Q. (Inaudible)
PAUL CASEY: We tried -- I enjoyed it, I was watching the golf.

Q. (Inaudible)
PAUL CASEY: Marshals, yes. They do a great job. It's just the way it is. (Laughing) I wouldn't want to be a marshal.

Q. (Will you ask Peter Kostis about your play today)?
PAUL CASEY: I'll speak to him anyways, yes. But I have an idea of what he'll tell me. We talked -- last year we talked about this a lot on the phone, and I don't know but he'll probably tell me something like: You were a little bit tired, a little fatigued and your legs were a little slow and maybe the posture was poor.
Nine times out of ten, the stuff he tells me is from posture. For whatever reason, but this afternoon or this even, maybe go hit a couple of golf balls, get some rest, maybe a quick math and save the energy for tomorrow. It's going to be a long week, especially if I play like that -- or maybe it will be a short week if I play like that.

Q. (Talk about playing Cabrera tomorrow).
PAUL CASEY: Well, I'm going to have to play better golf than I did today and I believe he was 7-under for the last 11 holes this morning, that's very impressive.
He's a former winner around here of the BMW PGA, so he knows his way around. He'll be about 20 yards past me consistently tomorrow, and hopefully I can battle him to the death. And the good thing is we are out first and he plays extremely quickly. If we don't get fog, we should be done very, very early.
But I like Cabrera, he's a great guy. I love watching his golf. So naturally I hope I can pick up a bit of his rhythm tomorrow and you know, the way he strikes the golf ball, maybe that can carry over to my game and I can feed off that.

Q. Do you chat with him?
PAUL CASEY: I don't think he would understand me. Well, he does understand, but his English is just lots of smiling.

Q. (Inaudible)
PAUL CASEY: Just down the fairway, on the green, lots of birdie chances. I try and read the opponents and have a game plan for different people. He's not going to be -- he's going to be by me on the tee shots, and I just have to be more consistent than he is.

Q. (Inaudible)
PAUL CASEY: Well, they are the most important anyway, a lot of members, guys I know who have been around Wentworth for a long time. They all come down, they all come out of the woodwork. I was meeting Foxhills members at the dinner last night who I had not seen in a long, long time. I get a lot of great support around here and hopefully the ones who are watching Monty and the rest of them will come to my group. It is wonderful. I do feel it and I t does give me a boost and I'd like to play great golf for them.
GRAEME HAMLETT: Thank you, Paul. Well done.

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