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September 30, 2007

Paul Casey


PAUL CASEY: I had a productive afternoon on the range yesterday. I hit the ball very nicely. It was a combination of what Nick said and I called Peter Kostis as well and finally figured it out. I got in the gym and got some of the frustration out, then the boys on Golf Night on Sky TV said we would lose the first three matches, so that was a nice bit of motivation right there. Jamie Spence and Simon Holmes sitting on the couch and that motivated Colin and I and hopefully Macr Warren can pull through and make it all three.
I figured that I was a little too far away from the golf ball, a little too hunched over it, got a little bit stuck on the way back and I got in a position where I couldn't hit it. Simple cure, move closer to the golf ball and stand a little bit more upright and put the club in a better position going back. The golf that Raf played when he and Havret beat Dyson and myself was very, very good and I played exceptionally well today to beat him and I'm very happy with that.
Nick? Well, he could see the club was getting stuck going back and he wanted me in the perfect position halfway back. His eye for it is very good and Kostis added the final link about getting closer to the ball to get in that position. His eyes are good and together with Peter that was the fix.
We were watching the Presidents Cup but walking out a couple of the lads saw it on Golf Night. I saw it for myself with Olly Wilson and one or two others. I was already motivated but that added the final edge. If I can replicate the golf I played on the front side I'll be happy. It was fun and I will enjoy going forward to the Dunhill and defending the Match Play title.

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