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September 3, 2007

Tiger Woods


Q. You had a lot of chances. How frustrating a week was it on the greens for you?
TIGER WOODS: Very frustrating. I did not putt well the majority of the week. I just had that six-hole stretch there on Friday, but other than that, I unfortunately did not have the speed right. I had too many three-putts. I think I had four or five three-putts this week. That many three-putts and still right there, which means I'm hitting the ball well, I just need to clean it up on the greens for next week.

Q. Phil had never beaten you playing with you in the final round. Do you think he had the advantage coming in today?
TIGER WOODS: Well, all I know is we had to go catch Brett. I was three back, he was two back, and we had to go get him. Then Phil got off to a great start, then we all had to go get Phil. That was the mindset going on out there today. Unfortunately I just didn't make enough putts to really push him.

Q. Between the ears when he makes that double on the hole does the light come on and all of a sudden it's like, oh, game back on? Kind of open the door, I guess, for lack of a better phrase?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, he did. He made a mistake there. I felt that I should have -- if I could have made that putt, you know, I could have got a big chunk back. The next hole had an easy putt on the next hole, as well, and I missed that. So back-to-back pretty easy putts -- actually make that three in a row, 11, 12, 13, I missed three pretty makable putts.

Q. We know this isn't a major, but did the atmosphere, the noise out there in any way get close to matching what we sometimes see at a major?
TIGER WOODS: Well, all year we've been talking about how it's been kind of dead this year with the excitement level. D.C. was pretty rowdy, here it's been pretty rowdy, so it's nice to see some atmosphere out there. You know, we were playing well today in the same group, the guys behind us were playing well, so a lot of good scores all around.

Q. How much does it help, it may be obvious, but to have the two of you guys with all your star power playing together and playing pretty well?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, it was -- I think it was fun for both of us. It was fun for the gallery. You know, it's good -- probably great for the tournament. I think this is probably what Deutsche Bank really wanted for the event, and it worked out great.

Q. Other than that one hole, he played pretty good, though, didn't he, Phil?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, even though that shot really wasn't that bad. He got a gust of wind and just knocked it straight down.

Q. So overall is this one of your favorite tournaments knowing that the money goes to your foundation and that the majority of the gallery is behind you?
TIGER WOODS: I'll tell you, it's one of the rowdiest tournaments -- obviously the people here really support their sport. They come out, ever since our first year here, they have been fantastic. This is what makes the tournament.
They tried to make the golf course more of a championship course over the years, and I think they've done that. But I think what really makes the tournament is the fans. The fans come out and really drive this event. I know Deutsche Bank has been the sponsor but the fans come out and really support it. It's been a great atmosphere from day one.

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