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September 1, 2007

Tiger Woods


Q. A little better today than yesterday?
TIGER WOODS: You know, feel-wise I hit the ball about the same. I just made a lot more putts. That was nice. Actually it was nice to get the putter rolling. It was actually nice to see the putts go in.

Q. On the front it looked like you still were kind of struggling with the speed a little bit and then caught on obviously on the back, your back. Would you just comment on that?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I just had a couple of putts had a little runout in them and I didn't do a very good job of that. I ran the putts by a little bit and had to be more committed to my speed, make sure I didn't get them off line. I felt like I was reading the putts fine. My speed wasn't very good. The back nine was a different story, though.

Q. Phil was six clear of you yesterday early in the round. Today he was six ahead through one or two holes playing the back nine. Was it more a sense of going into the weekend making sure this guy didn't get too far out front?
TIGER WOODS: I was at the time maybe 1-under par for the day, 2 at the most. The whole idea for me was to probably get something around 3- or 4-under par, at least put myself back in the tournament. Just needed to make a few more birdies, and all of a sudden I caught fire on the back nine, I think I went 6-under through six on a little stretch, and that basically got me back into the tournament.

Q. The last time you had an above-par round, how quickly did you put that out of your mind?
TIGER WOODS: I think it was last time I played here, actually (laughter). I came back nicely there, too.

Q. Short-term memory?
TIGER WOODS: I felt like yesterday I didn't hit the ball that poorly. I guess I had some weird things happen there at 4; a good shot at 2 yesterday ended up in the water, and I absolutely did not putt well. You know, get the speed back and hit the ball about the same, which I did today, and the next thing you know I posted a low one.
4, I was trying to hit driver there and made sure if anything just slice it, hit it to the right of the green. The wind held it up great. I felt like I over-cut the shot and it should have been probably right of the green but the wind held it up pretty good, ended up on the green and made a putt.

Q. Speak to the level of play of the whole group today, 19-under today versus collectively 3-over yesterday, whatever it was?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, Vijay and I did not score well yesterday, and Phil just had one bad hole, but he played pretty good.
But today we all played well, which was nice. We all made some putts and got it going. You know, when you get in those groups when you all feed off one another, when you're all going low, all making birdies, those are the fun pairings to get involved in.

Q. You had a birdie putt on 6. Was that the wind?
TIGER WOODS: The wind was blowing a little bit, yeah. It was blowing hard enough where if I hit the putt I couldn't move to the right, and I wanted it to die down just enough where a gust wouldn't affect it.

Q. Talk about coming back after a round like yesterday and you start the day off with an eight- or nine-footer for par on the opening hole.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, when you hit three really good shots and actually have an eight-footer for par, you know, I thought, this is a continuation of yesterday. But I made the putt today, which was nice.

Q. (Question about the 4th hole.)
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, hopefully you don't make too many doubles. That hole is -- yeah, you can drive it, you can get it up there close, but you have to position the ball right so at least you have the right angle in there, and I didn't do that yesterday, and consequently I kept compounding the problem.

Q. Talk about 12, too. I mean, the other guys were hitting driver and you left yourself 200-plus in there.
TIGER WOODS: Well, I kind of popped a 3-wood up a little bit. I was trying to hit a little hotter one than that.

Q. What did you have in?
TIGER WOODS: 5-iron.

Q. With all the chip-ins and eagles and birdies that you guys were making today, how much fun was it for you to see the crowd get amped up around you today?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, the crowd was great. Vijay was making a bunch of birdies, Phil had three chip-ins in the last two rounds, I made some putts today. We all got going. It's fun when you all do that. It's not a whole lot of fun what Vijay and I were doing yesterday. Phil just had that one bad hole, but those are not the fun days.

Q. You said your goal was to be 3- or 4-under today. What's your goal going into tomorrow?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I knew that 3- or 4-under par would put me right back in the tournament. Now I'm back in the tournament. We'll see what the weather is tomorrow and find my score and hopefully go shoot it.

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