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August 31, 2007

Tiger Woods


Q. Seemed like all of you were all over the place.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, Phil got off to a great start, just had one bad hole. I did not get off to a good start, and Vijay basically struggled all day. It was a bit of a grind out there.

Q. Can you talk about the 4th hole?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, the 4th hole I was telling Stevie, we've got to be committed to hitting the ball right of the green. I could hit the ball 50 yards right of the green. I was just trying to hit the ball right, right, right, and I just pulled it about five yards left of the flag. I was in the bunker, the only place you can't be.

Q. We couldn't see it from where we were standing. What were you trying to do with that shot?
TIGER WOODS: I was just trying to keep the ball on the green. Trying to keep it on the green.

Q. Runs away from you?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, big-time. I wasn't even trying to get cute with it. I said, well, if I make a mistake, make this mistake long, hit the ball over the green, chip back and try and make par that way. It just came out soft and buried under the lip.

Q. Still in the sand?
TIGER WOODS: It was actually underneath the lip, so I couldn't get it out.

Q. Can you talk about your par save on 16?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, well, it was just a terrible iron shot. I mean, I hit a 9-iron and you can't miss the green with a 9-iron, and I did. It's not like I had a bad lie, just a terrible shot. And the flop shot, luckily I practiced it yesterday, which was nice. I drew a pretty good lie, and you had to hit a really good shot just to keep it on the top shelf. I wanted to be committed to it, try and pull it off, and if anything fly it down there towards the flag on the flat, and it has a better chance of staying up on top. It came out okay, and I made the par.

Q. It looked like you were trying pretty hard to at least get back to par at some point in the round?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I felt even though I was 3-over after 4, that I didn't really hit a bad shot. I hit the second shot on 2, wasn't a bad shot. I got a gust and ended up about a yard short. Again on 4, I explained that. I didn't even try and get cute on that second shot, tried to hit it long over the green and pitch it back up. Somehow I made a mistake and it cost me two shots, if not almost three. And I hit good shots, and I was 3-over par. So you keep going. It's not like I haven't been in this position before. I kept saying I have basically 68 holes to make it up, and let's go get it.

Q. Go through the decision process on 18 from the bunker.
TIGER WOODS: It was between 3-iron and 5-wood. I had 213 to the hole. I wanted to hit 3-iron, but the wind had switched since Vijay hit, and it came back more into my face -- I'm sorry, since Phil hit. He said you've got to hit 5-wood to take short out of play. I just tried to start the ball over the left gallery and used the wind and tried to hit a high cut, and if anything blow the ball over the green and pitch it back up. It came out great.

Q. What was Vijay's concern on 9 over Phil's journey?
TIGER WOODS: It was about hitting a provisional ball for a ball in the hazard. So that was it.

Q. Are you surprised that the three of you kind of struggled out there?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, you would think we would have played a little better than we did. Phil got off to a great start, just had one bad hole but played well all day. Vijay kind of struggled all day, and I didn't make any putts for birdie. Collectively I think we all felt like we left some shots out there, and hopefully we can clean it up tomorrow.

Q. Was the putting a matter of misreading?
TIGER WOODS: I hit good putts. You know, except for the putt on 9; 9 I pulled. That was a bad putt. The rest of them were actually good putts. It is what it is, and it just didn't go in.

Q. Overall there was a big hype with the big three of you all playing together. What were your thoughts?
TIGER WOODS: I'm just trying to get back under par. I could care less what anyone else is doing. I saw the lead get to, what, 8? I thought if I could just get under par, shoot two good rounds the next two days, at least give myself a chance going into Monday. I didn't get to under par, so now I've got to shoot at least one great round in there and at least get myself back in the ballgame.

Q. Gay Brewer died today. Any recollections from champions dinners?
TIGER WOODS: Gay was great. Man, he told more stories and was just incredible to be around. That's shocking.

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