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July 10, 2007

Tony La Russa


Q. One of the things we were wondering upstairs, was Albert unavailable tonight or were you just saving him in case the game went into extras? What was the situation?
TONY LARUSSA: Once Cabrera's shoulder made him unavailable, Sánchez was going to be the do-everything guy, became the third baseman. So you had to save somebody you could use all over the place, and, you know, the game was close enough to where we tied it there in the ninth, somebody has to play in the tenth. So Albert was the guy. Very versatile.

Q. Can you talk about the reception Barry Bonds got tonight, a guy under so much scrutiny, but the fans basically sent the message, don't worry about it we've got your back?
TONY LARUSSA: The game belongs to the fans and I think they spoke very loud and clearly. He's had a great career and a lot of it has been in this town. I thought it was well deserved and very moving for anybody that was out there.

Q. A lot of times the game is cyclical and the fact that the National League has not won since '96 and you were close with the home run tonight by Soriano and the bases loaded; can you reflect on that a little bit?
TONY LARUSSA: I really feel like we went about it exactly the right way. I felt really good about the National League effort. We had a lot of good life, defensively, offensively, the pitching.
You know, we swung about three times and got five runs. Barry hit a ball real deep to left that I thought had a chance with a man on second. The at-bat that Holliday got, hit the bullet to first base. We did some really good things and we made it happen. We had the right guy up in the ninth, Rolen is a clutch guy, made a nice swing and put it in the air. What you do is go about it the right way and if the other team beats you, that's how it goes.

Q. You don't get to see Ichiro all that much over in the other league. What was your impressions of him tonight?
TONY LARUSSA: Well, he's been around a while so I've seen him a lot, watching him on TV, going against him. He's an artist with the bat, wonderful baserunner, outfielder. This guy is a complete player and no place to go to get him out. You just try to get him to hit the ball at somebody so he had a great day.

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