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July 6, 2007

Phil Mickelson


Q. Can you just talk about the past few days?
PHIL MICKELSON: This has been a fun few days for our family. I obviously wish I had played better. I didn't expect to not be here on the weekend, but we had a great couple of days. We had a chance to spend the Fourth of July at the White House with a number of wonderful and amazing people who have done so much for the country. And so we were very appreciative to be able to come here.
I love the fact that we have a golf tournament here that is being hosted by Tiger and is making a huge impact on the community here, huge impact on the military, and I just love being a part of it.

Q. You said your wrist feels okay, but what has been the problem the last few days?
PHIL MICKELSON: I didn't putt very well the first day and gave a lot of shots back on the greens, and today I felt like I hit some decent shots. But coming down the stretch, I let it go there in the end and that was too bad of a finish for me.
I knew I would be a little rusty heading into this week. I knew I wasn't quite sharp.
It was important that I get in some competitive rounds. I was hoping to get two more. I'll head over and play the Scottish Open and try to get in a good competitive frame of mind for the British.

Q. Will you beat yourself up over this or will you just go on from here?
PHIL MICKELSON: It happens. Guys have won majors after missing the cut. This year I missed the cut and ended up winning AT&T the next week. You can find it overnight.
But I knew coming in here I was a little rusty. The penalty for a miss-hit shot is severe, which is great. It's just that I wasn't really sharp and I was missing more fairways and more shots than probably the other guys.

Q. The last three holes --
PHIL MICKELSON: What do you mean?

Q. Like when you were on 16 -- going for the flag --
PHIL MICKELSON: Oh, I had to make a birdie. I had to make a birdie coming in -- well, I had to make a birdie, so you have to fire at a pin on two tough holes.
My big mistake, I was telling Mike Ritz, was this morning before I teed off, I had been working on this 2-iron club, and I thought it would be a good club for Carnoustie. I thought, well, let's get a good competitive round in with it and maybe I'll use it off a few tees today.
I used off the fourth hole today and hit it in the rough and made my first bogey of the day. And I had a perfect hybrid, the club that I took out into 9, and I didn't have it and I ended up not birdieing the hole.
Then it was a perfect hybrid for 16 and I tried to hit the 2-iron and ended up making double. So that 2-iron is not going to make the lineup for Carnoustie. It's out.

Q. Looked like you had a very nice conversation with Condoleezza Rice.
PHIL MICKELSON: Well, I'm a big fan of Secretary Rice. I just think that she does so much for this country. It was an incredible honor for me and my wife to have met her and to say hello today. I met her two days ago on the 4th, and it's exciting for me because I just think that she's an incredible person.

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