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July 5, 2007

Tiger Woods


Q. What did you learn today that you didn't already know about the course?
TIGER WOODS: Well, it's certainly playing a little different than the U.S. Open. Fairways are a little bit slower and greens are a little bit softer and a little bit bigger which is nice.

Q. How was the putting?
TIGER WOODS: I never got the speed right. All of my putts I missed were short -- way short, actually. It was a struggle. I could not get a ball to the hole. Towards the end there I tried to actually place some iron shots above the holes to at least make it a little bit easier because I just struggled. I just struggled hitting the putts hard enough.
I worked so hard at the U.S. Open feeding putts, feeding putts; and didn't practice probably as much as I probably should have last week on my putting and unfortunately it showed up glaringly.

Q. Tell us about what you think when you look at the leaderboard.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, there's a bunch of guys up there right now. And I've got three rounds; I can't get them in one. It's going to have to be over three, and hopefully I can be there in the end.

Q. Obviously you want to do well in your own tournament. When you're on the first tee and you've worked so hard to pull this thing off, suddenly you're back to playing golf again, was it tough turning that switch?
TIGER WOODS: Actually that was the easy part, getting out there and playing. The other responsibilities, that's something that you don't normally do.
Once I got back inside the ropes and started playing again, I got back into my comfort level and felt at peace going there and competing.

Q. You talk about making adjustments on the range; given all that's happened, is it tough to practice putting and get speed back in a day?
TIGER WOODS: I'll have to figure something out, different strokes, stances to get the ball to the hole. I'll have to figure something out for tomorrow, because evidently what I'm doing is not even close to being right. So I've got to fix it, I've got to get back in this tournament to give myself a chance.

Q. Many people have asked you about the extra responsibilities in hosting a tournament; can you assess it after one round, how have things gone?
TIGER WOODS: Well, the tournament's been fantastic. We've somehow put it together in 116 days. I think everyone can attest to, you know, the attendance today, that everyone was pretty excited about coming out and watching the event. We've had a great field. The golf course is in wonderful shape, and the weather wasn't too cooperative, but it was pretty good I thought.

Q. Were you nervous on the first tee more so --
TIGER WOODS: I'm always nervous on the first tee.

Q. Even more so?
TIGER WOODS: No. The day I'm not nervous is the day I quit, plain and simple. If you don't care, that means you're not nervous.

Q. With the charitable nature of all this --
TIGER WOODS: Local children tees here, our foundation and we are trying to build another Learning Center here on the East Coast. We're trying to do some things for kids, and I think that this event, what we've done so far this week, has been absolutely fantastic. I think we are going to have some pretty significant charitable dollars by the end of the week.

Q. Talk about your commitment to your foundation.
TIGER WOODS: Hey, you can't accomplish things on your own in life. You've got to have help. I've had help in my life and not every one of these kids can have that opportunity. They are not always privy to having two parents that are always going to be there for them. You want to provide an environment where they have a chance to accomplish their goals, and we're here to do that in the Foundation. I think we're heading in the right direction doing that.

Q. A lot of the fans here are very knowledgeable of the game of golf here in this area.
TIGER WOODS: They came out and supported the event. They were really excited today. You could see they were really enthused to have golf back in the D.C. area and they were all fired up. I tell you what, you couldn't ask for a better atmosphere to play up in front of -- other than a few 3-putts.
Overall, I think the event itself has been so far just been a great success and really excited for the weekend to see what happens and hopefully the weather will get a little bit better.

Q. Are you at all concerned with the weekend?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I've got three days to make it up. You want to be ahead at 72 holes. I have 54 holes to get myself back in this tournament and hopefully I can do it.

Q. Did you pop somebody off the tee --
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I hit it to the right and I hit a gentleman off the shoulder and bounced back in the rough out of the gallery. That was about it.

Q. Did you give him the ball?
TIGER WOODS: I gave him the glove I used. I couldn't give him the ball. I had to use it. (Laughter)

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