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June 16, 2007

Tiger Woods


BOB COSTAS: Tiger Woods with us. A great round, I'll leave it to you. How low could you have gone with a little bit of luck today?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I hit good shots all day, and really hit some nice putts that just didn't go in.
But pleased at the way I played today and only shot I dropped was on 18.
BOB COSTAS: Let's take a look at some of the highlights. Let's begin on 1, and right away you get a sense that maybe this was going to be a good day.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I hit a good drive here. Tried to basically play this like I did the first day; this time cut it instead of hit it straight and drove it right in the fairway.
BOB COSTAS: No. 1, for the shot of the entire day. Hit the green in regulation, a shot at birdie, barely missed the putt.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, pretty much I hit a nice downhiller pin-high, a good putt that just kind of hung there and just started breaking just a little bit late. But always nice to walk away with 4 there.
BOB COSTAS: You did have chances at 3 and 4.
TIGER WOODS: Just tried to hit a nice little high cut and land it flag high and scoot on past, and ended up a little better than I thought it would.
BOB COSTAS: And here is a birdie putt that did drop.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, it was just outside the right. Had to watch my pace and took a wild break, but snuck in there.
BOB COSTAS: And the crowd was getting behind you at this point.
TIGER WOODS: They were psyched up.
BOB COSTAS: Here is your second at No. 4, the par 5.
TIGER WOODS: I hit a nice 3-iron in there. Just tried to loft it straight up in the air, hit a high draw in there and worked out pretty good. I was surprised it stayed on.
BOB COSTAS: So that set you up with a possibility with an eagle and you made a run at it.
TIGER WOODS: Man, this is a good putt. A little bit of a double-breaker, and it just peeled off at the end.
BOB COSTAS: And you thought you had it.
TIGER WOODS: I did, and it was just lacking a little bit of pace.
BOB COSTAS: So the tap-in here, and you can tell by the body language that he thought he had it; tap-in for the birdie. Now we move on to your second at No. 7.
TIGER WOODS: Tried to hit a high 9-iron here, tried to hit it full, straight up in the air. Hit it pretty good, but even that's a short little putt, but I've still got to play probably two and a half feet of break, and I hit it just a touch too hard. Doesn't look like it, but as you see it rolled out pretty good.
BOB COSTAS: Johnny Miller, who of course had the famous closing 64 back in 1973 said earlier: "The way he's striking the ball, who is to say he can't shoot 62 or 63." Here is a near miss again at 8.
TIGER WOODS: I hit a good putt there. Just broke left at the end, and, oh, well.
BOB COSTAS: Here is unlucky 13.
TIGER WOODS: 13 was a good putt, too. Again, lacking just a little bit of pace; if I hit it maybe just a few inches harder.
BOB COSTAS: You go to the driver off the tee on 17.
TIGER WOODS: Hit just a big cut, tried to take something off of it. Hit just a nice little soft cut in there and, well, not exactly the best spot to be in, that's for sure. (Third cut of rough).
BOB COSTAS: You had a tricky putt just before this to save par at 16 and you have to do it again.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, and I made that putt and here at 18, I saw Nick's putt break at the end, and this putt decided not to break.
BOB COSTAS: So that's your only bogey of the day. As we sit here now, you're three shots behind Aaron Baddeley, you put on a little bit of slapstick for the audience (referring to tap-in on 18).
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, that's all right though.
BOB COSTAS: Three back of Baddeley; you have to feel good about the day, but do you allow yourself to say even for a moment think what might have been, because this could have been an epic round.
TIGER WOODS: No. I'm pleased with the way I hit it. Now I have to go do some work on the range, get tuned up for tomorrow and be ready.
BOB COSTAS: All right. You picked up another stroke just sitting here.
TIGER WOODS: Well, that's the way this golf course is. It's playing hard but it's fair.
The USGA did I think a good job of getting greens a little bit softer than they were yesterday afternoon. They are probably right in between what we were Thursday and Friday and still got some pretty good pace coming down the hills, but at least you're iron shots are going to be a little bit receptive.
BOB COSTAS: You said a good 10-handicapper, if he went out and played the course in these conditions, would be hard-pressed to break 100.
TIGER WOODS: No chance. Not in these conditions, these pins, no way.
JOHNNY MILLER: Pretty impressive, Tiger. I enjoyed all those greens in regulation. We talked about that in the practise round on Monday. Plus you had a 5-par on 2, so that could have been 19. So that 18th hole is awful tough, but were you working on anything in particular with your swing? Looked good.
TIGER WOODS: Well, it felt good. Yesterday it felt a touch loose at times, and just wanted to tighten it up and make sure everything is good to go for today. Really felt good about it. I had a good warmup session today, and I went on the first tee and just tried to pretend it was just like the range.

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