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May 31, 2007

Tiger Woods


Q. How do you feel? Looked like a tough day out there?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, well, I made two mistakes out there, and I had it going through 6 and made just a terrible bogey at 7, and then from there I made a few more mistakes after that.

Q. How are you feeling?
TIGER WOODS: I'm fine. I'm good to go.

Q. We've had a couple people pull out today, Zach and Phil.
TIGER WOODS: I'm line, all good.

Q. Any thought on their departures?
TIGER WOODS: Well, you've got two marquee players, Masters champion, and obviously Phil with being the second-best player in the world. It's too bad for the tournament.

Q. Conditions pretty favorable out there?
TIGER WOODS: Today was just a great day to score. The greens were soft. They're so receptive. You can be pretty aggressive firing at the flags. Even with 6- and 7-irons in there, you can actually go right at the flag. You don't have to worry about it hopping over the back.

Q. We had heard the place had dried out so it would be tougher today.
TIGER WOODS: The fairways were a little bit faster, but the greens were still soft and still pretty receptive. I didn't have a problem holding anything today. Unfortunately just didn't quite get them close enough.

Q. Ernie is back up on the leaderboard over here in the States. It's been a while. I'm wondering when you had your knee surgery did it mess up your swing at all or was there overcompensation here or there?
TIGER WOODS: I'm probably the worst person to ask because I won the first tournament back.

Q. I remember, but it was some time between the surgery, and you were out for a while?
TIGER WOODS: A month. My surgery was so much more benign than his. He had total reconstruction. He ruptured his ACL. Mine just had a few tears here and there. Mine was scoped. His was a lot more extensive, and probably to fully recover from ACL, you're looking at a good, solid year to where you're feeling 100 percent, and that's if all goes well with rehab.

Q. The TV showed you sitting down several times.
TIGER WOODS: It's really slow out there. Lucas pulled out, and for some reason, they were being held up by the group in front of them. The group behind us we never saw all day, so I guess we were playing pretty quick for a three.

Q. Phil said he hurt his wrist, he thinks it happened chipping out of the rough at Oakmont. Does that surprise you at all?
TIGER WOODS: No, no. U.S. Open rough is pretty thick. You know, you can do it. You can overdo it, definitely. If you hit a lot of shots out of there -- the wrist is pretty fragile. All he needs to do is just take one little tweak, and that's it.

Q. How close was Charley's shot on 10?
TIGER WOODS: It was pretty far away. Stevie probably had two feet and I had probably three.

Q. Did you guys see it, see it coming?
TIGER WOODS: Stevie saw it. I kind of caught it a little bit and I just kept forward. I was, as I said, about three feet, and Stevie was about two.

Q. Overall happy with -- obviously you want to go a little bit --
TIGER WOODS: A little bit frustrating in the sense that I had an opportunity to shoot 4-, 5-, 6-under par today and I didn't do it. I made a couple of careless bogeys out there and missed a couple opportunities with the putter.
The golf course was playing pretty benign today. Today was the day to actually really shoot some good numbers. Look at the field, they pretty much did. If you didn't shoot under par, you're going to get run over out there today.

Q. The forecast calls for rain the next couple of days.
TIGER WOODS: There's a shock, huh? If that's the case, the scores are going to be even lower. You're going to have to make just a bunch of birdies. That's the way it's setting up. The greens are perfect. With it being as warm as it is, the ball is flying. We're getting down there further than we normally do.
The only thing that would change is if the rains come in and slow down the fairways, but then you add one more club off the tee. I hit a bunch of 3-woods and 5-woods today to the same spots where I hit 3-woods and drivers because the fairways were running out just a touch.

Q. When you come here you pretty much expect rain?
TIGER WOODS: We haven't had too many dry years since I've been here.

Q. Jack hasn't tweaked too much since you last played here --
TIGER WOODS: He's tweaked it quite a bit. I mean, I didn't play last year, and they made quite a few changes last year. So coming here, I probably saw four, five, six changes that I wasn't -- I didn't expect.

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