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May 28, 2007

Rob Niedermayer


ROB NIEDERMAYER: I thought there was a few penalties that were dumb on our part. And we have to - we know that we have to be smarter, and that's what we'll try to do.

Q. Still you get Game 1, which you did tonight. That's gotta feel great against a great team like that?
ROB NIEDERMAYER: Against Ottawa. They came out hard, especially in the first, and some of the second they came out and Giggy played well for us, gave us a chance tonight.

Q. The way you and Travis contributed offensively, really throughout the whole playoffs, you got a bunch of big goals, plays like that in the third period.
ROB NIEDERMAYER: I mean, we are a line. I don't think we were really going to surprise you. We just - we keep it pretty simple out there. And we can't afford to have any turnovers. That's the big thing for us is we gotta limit our turnovers. And that's the way we have to play.

Q. Did you anticipate their big line being out as much as it was? It seemed like they were out all night and you had to be out there all night, too?
ROB NIEDERMAYER: They're dangerous every time they're out on the ice. That's a great line. I mean, all three of them. I mean, they're dangerous with the puck one-on-one and they find the open guy. We have to be smart positionally.

Q. Tell us about the game winner there, giving it to Travis?
ROB NIEDERMAYER: The puck was kind of rolling when I gave it to him. He made a great play to knock it down, and he picked the corner and he deserves it. He's a pretty hardworking guy out there. And it was nice to see for him.

Q. How about the third period tonight, seems you guys come in down two to one, very strong third period. What was the biggest thing for you?
ROB NIEDERMAYER: The big thing was that we got the puck better and got our forecheck going more. Their defense, they move the puck extremely well. They skate well and if you don't get smart dumps you're not going to have any forecheck. And I think we got a little bit better on our dumps and we were able to kind of capitalize on that.

Q. When you guys were here in '03 against the Devils you never had a series lead. How good was it to get off to a good start in this?
ROB NIEDERMAYER: It's important to us. But that's one game. And we gotta forget about this and come out on Wednesday and play even harder. We know Ottawa is going to keep playing well. And we gotta keep battling.

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