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May 28, 2007

Scott Niedermayer


SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: I don't know. Sort of depends on how things are developing in the game. I'm ready to go - when the coach taps you on the shoulder you go out. So they're in charge of that.

Q. Scott, you've been so aggressive this year and that's what got you this far. Where do you draw the line between being aggressive and taking too many penalties and which side of the line were you on that?
SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: We played well tonight in that sense. Some of the calls were tough. You saw them, so I don't have to say anything about them. We're going to play our game we're not going to change our game.

Q. Obviously they were a team you didn't see this year. Now that you saw them in person, anything that you didn't expect or were surprised by?
SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: Not a lot. We expected a great hockey team to come out. Great skating club. A lot of their forwards have good speed and forecheck real well. Top line controls the puck real well. That's what we expected.

Q. Did you think you were heading to overtime? Were you preparing yourself for overtime before Moen got you in?
SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: You don't think about that. You think about the next shift, whether there is 20 minutes left or one, just go out there and do your best.

Q. How important was it to get Game 1?
SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: I think that's what we had to do tonight. That's what we look at. There was one game to win tonight and that was this one. Put all our focus and concentration on it. Nice to come back.

Q. Take a little pressure off on Wednesday?
SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: No. We want to focus on that game. That's a big now. Have to start preparing for it and be at our best for that.

Q. What's the importance of winning, getting off to a good start in a seven-game final series like this?
SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: I don't know. I think every game is important. Every shift is important. You know, obviously tonight, like I just said, this was the game we could control. This is the game we were competing in. That's what we want to do, go and try and win it.

Q. Coming from behind twice, being in front, at the very end you won it obviously?
SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: We're a team that isn't going to give up. We're not going to stop just because we're down by a goal. And we found ways to get back into games. And you have to do that because you're not always going to be ahead. You have to find ways to win different ways.

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