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May 28, 2007

Bryan Murray


FRANK BROWN: Questions for Coach Murray.

Q. Coach, you guys trailing now for the first time in the playoffs. Can you talk about having to come back now in the series for the first time?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: You have to win a game here and we didn't start very well. We didn't finish very well. They had the majority of the chances. Their checking line played head to head with our guys and they ended up getting the winning goal.
So that's the whole game in a nutshell.

Q. How do you think Emery played?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: Emery played real well, real well. I thought he made some stops. He was very effective through the night. He got slashed I don't know how many times after the fact. But the bottom line is he made some stops.

Q. Two power play goals, Coach. Special teams was all right, but at the same time the five-on-five play, concern knowing that they would have come at you, and you knew that coming in?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: They were going to come at us, they did. The home game, there was lots of emotion early. We got it going a bit in the second. Gave off - we turned the puck over too many times. That was the bottom line as far as giving them chances. We had seven turnovers in the second period, three was a chance and one was a penalty. If we don't play better five-on-five than that, then it makes a tough road in this building.

Q. Bryan, the performance in the third period, was it more a continuation of everything that went on in the game or did something happen?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: No, they had a couple of power plays. They got some momentum from that. They were playing from behind. They pushed it more than we did.
And they ended up getting a bit of a turnover and win the hockey game. And that's the game at this point.

Q. You mentioned their checking line. What do you want to see better out of your number one line?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: We gotta get the puck deep more often. We have to create some offense because of that and get their defensemen to give up the line once in a while. They have their checking line and their guys standing up real well because we wouldn't put the puck in. Most of the turnovers were by our big line in the middle part of the hockey game. They start realizing that if you don't put it in and go to work and get it back once in a while in deep, then the checking line would be effective.

Q. What did you think about Redden's play tonight, the goal, two pretty long clears that were both intercepted for goals?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: The first goal that they got was Teemu made a good play off the glass, caught the puck. Wade did the right thing. In this league now you can't put it over the glass. So you try to lay it off the glass and get it out. The took the wall real well and he made a good play. The other one I'm not sure exactly what happened.
I give them a little bit of credit. They worked hard. They forechecked. They made our defense work extra hard and we didn't retaliate the same way.

Q. That's as badly outplayed as the team has been as your team has been in the playoffs so far. Was rest a factor at all or is Anaheim that much better than anyone else you've seen?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: No, I think a little bit was being off. But they played a good hockey game. I don't know that we didn't get outplayed in a couple of games early on in periods of time. But certainly not to the extent of the third period the way we did.
We were not very good early. We got ahead, and then we started to play okay in the second. And then the third period I thought the penalties really set them up to get some real emotion in it, got the crowd in it and got it going for them.

Q. I want to follow up on the point about the traffic in front of Ray, and some of the calls that weren't made, sticks to the goalie, getting into his face?
COACH BRYAN MURRAY: This is the two things we talked about in the series. It's different obviously here. You can - he got slashed three or four times after he had his hand on the pocket, and when you dump the puck in they hold you out. In our side, that doesn't happen very often. But we'll address that and see if it's going to continue, then we'll have to start doing it a little bit more like they do.
FRANK BROWN: Thanks, Coach.

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