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May 25, 2007

Paul Casey


Q. Do you feel you've got yourself very much back in it now?
PAUL CASEY: Well, you certainly can't win it in two days. I did a good job of trying to play myself out of it yesterday. It's much the same really. I'm excited about the game. I've played a lot of good golf this year. I've scattered it with too many mistakes but I'm really excited about the game. This is to me the start of a very big summer. This is our sort of players' championship, so to speak, our flagship event, and it would be nice to play some extremely good golf on the weekend and move up there.
But you know, I treat this as the start of a very long, very exciting summer and so I'm going to see Peter Kostis next week and work hard on the game and get myself ready for the majors which are coming up shortly.

Q. You said last year that week at the world match play that you were so much in the zone. How close are you to feeling that?
PAUL CASEY: It's a very different situation. I mean, The Match Play situation tells you exactly what you need to do. Usually you've got to play the golf course, but your opponent can dictate what you need to do and the shots you need to pull off. Plus, it's a big mistake, sort of easily forgotten. So you have to get over that quickly and handle your emotions.
This is more of an endurance race this week. Yes, springtime on these greens is interesting always. And it takes a guy with a good temperament to deal with this golf course. It's a great golf course but it is a little bit tricky in places. You get some funky bounces. You get some putts that go different ways and you have to be very calm and relaxed and composed and now having won a golf event around here, I feel I know how to play the golf course. I just have to be patient and that's what I'm doing.
So I would love to be on the top of the leaderboard come Sunday. And you know, very least, maybe a hole-in-one on 14, I can win myself a new BMW. That would be nice.

Q. It would be a great double, the two events.
PAUL CASEY: It really would. This is a golf course I used to, as you know, visit as a kid growing up. I used to watch the BMW PGA Championship and see all of the greatest players: Seve, I remember him playing great shots around here. I remember seeing Faldo's fantastic cut shots on the 15th around the trees close to the pin. It's a lot of good memories. I'm a local; I get some very, very good support.
To do the double this week would be spectacular and if it doesn't happen this week, then I'll be gunning for it sometime in the future.

Q. To see someone like Justin say, "I want to be here, we owe it to the Tour"; for him to come back and play this event, it must be nice.
PAUL CASEY: Well, first round in England in three years, that's what I read this morning. He knows that this is important. I think he's got an appreciation of The European Tour. It's where he started his career and now he's a winner again after winning last year in Australia.
You know, this is a great tour. We've got huge World Ranking points this week. We have got a huge purse supplied by the sponsors. You know, I think our Tour is very strong, very healthy. We have some of the best players in the world and we play some of the most exciting golf courses in some of the most exotic locations; I'm not sure that Surrey is that exotic.
But we really have it all here, and we should be really proud of that. It's nice to see Justin back and he's playing great golf and all credit to him. Hopefully he can go all the way this week.

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