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May 25, 2007

Tim Simpson


Q. (Inaudible.)
TIM SIMPSON: We kind of caught it sleeping this morning. I think I'm not whining, I mean it was a tough afternoon for everybody. But I think we got the worst of the worst starting off the back as well. We had nine straight holes into the wind. We had 14 to 18 and 1 through 4. And when we came to 18, or 17, I hit a good 4-iron with the pin was like 178, I think, 138 front, 140 back. And I didn't get there. So I hit a 4-iron 136 yards, my normal 4-iron is 195. That's 50 yards of wind.
But I played really, really solid today. I had a lot of opportunities. There was 13 holes to make birdies. I was 3-under for the day and could have been 7-under just as easy. But I played real solid and I had a disappointing 3-putt on 12. It was silly after two good shots. And then I came back with a birdie at -- I actually bogeyed 14 I think it was.
And came back with a birdie at 15.
Miss a five footer for at 16.
Then 3-putted 17.
So it's kind of a little sour taste to throw away a great round. But anything under par here is good.

Q. After playing two rounds what are you looking forward tomorrow?
TIM SIMPSON: Just continue playing solid. I'm striking it real well, I'm driving the ball extremely well. I think I think I only missed one fairway in two days. So that's a great start. If I continue to hit the ball solid and swing it well, and my health stays fine, I'll be okay. I have a rib problem in my back. It's been bothering me the last few days.

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