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September 24, 2005

Michael Campbell

Chris DiMarco

Jim Furyk

Justin Leonard

Davis Love III

Phil Mickelson

Scott Verplank

Tiger Woods


Q. Never had one on live television (hole in one). We're watching it right now.

CHRIS DiMARCO: The first time, that's good. You know what it was good. Michael hit a great shot in there like three feet after me so that was a good one to get us 2 up. We played really good alternate shot today. I think we were 8 under, so that's pretty good.

Q. A lot of people witnessed that hole in one, are you going to be buying drinks for everybody?

CHRIS DiMARCO: Back at the hotel. (Laughter).

Q. You have played an awful lot of foursome golf, Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup, have you ever been on a better team than this one?

PHIL MICKELSON: This has been working out very well this week. We read putts the same way, we have the same demeanor, we really have a lot of fun. We're just really having a lot of fun. I think that when you're having fun, you're going to play better golf.

Q. Chris, I read where you said he keeps you calm a little bit.

CHRIS DiMARCO: You know this is a great atmosphere. We want the guys to hear, they are pulling for us and we need our fans cheering. We're on home turf and we want to go out.

Q. Can you talk about the shot?

CHRIS DiMARCO: It went in, it was hit a great shot right behind me, and that was great for us because we were down early. We birdied 5, we birdied 6 and holed on 8, birdied 9 and birdied 10. I think we were 8 under in alternate shot; on this golf course, that's really good.

Q. Did you have a feeling it would go in?

CHRIS DiMARCO: You could see it in the air, like, okay, this is going to be good and you saw it bounce and you saw it roll. It probably only took about ten seconds, but it probably only took a minute and a half where it all happened.

Q. Always coming down to singles matches, your thoughts?

CHRIS DiMARCO: I'd like to see us keep doing what we're doing right now. We're up in a lost matches and if we can go and do something good this afternoon, never want to get ahead of ourselves, so we just want to get ourselves ready for the matches this afternoon and see what it brings us tomorrow.

Q. Two undefeated teams against each other, you came out with a draw, and you get them again in 35 minutes, your thoughts on that?

JUSTIN LEONARD: It was a good match. You know, looking forward to this afternoon.

Q. Got down early and scratched back and then got the lead. So do you feel like you let one get away or does it seem like a halve was maybe the right outcome?

SCOTT VERPLANK: Well, I think both teams felt like they might have looked good their way, but it was a pretty good match all the way through. I think a halve unfortunately for both teams was probably the best outcome.

Q. Tiger, you have played a lot of match play golf, but this is one you'll remember for sure.

TIGER WOODS: Exactly, by far. We got off to such a great start and then Jim made some bombs on 3 and 4 and let it slip away and came back we were absolutely grinding.

Q. Jim, you got a little break. Going back out against these guy, is this something you're looking forward to?

JIM FURYK: Absolutely. Now we're going to collect our thoughts a little bit, get some rest and get ready to go. Two tough guys to play but I'm looking forward to it.

Q. This was huge.

TIGER WOODS: No doubt with about it. We were 2 down with two to go, not looking very good. Jimmy made a huge putt there on 17 and then what a great iron shot he hit in there; it was unbelievable. He gutted it out today.

Q. He hit a great iron shot, but you still had to make the putt, my friend.

TIGER WOODS: Well it helps when it's only about 3 1/2 feet and I don't have to make some 30 footer. Jimmy just played beautifully all day. It's a pleasure to go out there and compete with him and I can't wait to get back out there with him again.

Q. First I have to ask for the record what happened on 17 with Mike.

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, he had said "good shot" to Stewart, and I thought he had said that "that's good." So I picked it up and he said, "Well, I didn't say it was good. It's good, but I didn't say it was good." He wanted me to leave it apparently while he putted. So then we called and they said just put it back; if you thought you heard him say it was good, you just put it back.

Q. As far as your play, you don't see eight lot of matches end 7 & 6, you guys were up four at one point, it's hard to keep pouring it on sometimes when the other team is playing well, what do you do in these situations when you're up so much?

DAVIS LOVE III: We knew that Mike was putting good, and every time he got a birdie putt he would make it so we just had to keep going. Stewart and I both missed some little putts that could have ended it. We kept hope alive for him and they just kept hanging in there. Mike is a great player, he's going to make putts under pressure, we just didn't make ours to putt him away.

Q. Everyone else's back seems to be hurting, how are you doing?

DAVIS LOVE III: I'm good. I escaped it this week. I've been feeling real good this year and just seems like we got a bunch of little nagging things. But I think everybody is hitting it really good even though they might not feel good.

Q. Did you sit out the afternoon two years ago in South Africa?

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, I probably sat out one.

When he made that putt, with all of that going on probably would have been just as hard to maybe leave it. It was a good putt either way.

Q. You guys were up at four one point, I talked to Davis, it's hard to win and you don't see a lot of matches end 7 & 6, it's hard to keep pouring it on because the other team seems to make a comeback; what's your strategy?

STEWART CINK: It's just like being in the lead of a tournament. You just keep on going, and you want to stay aggressive. We were aggressive, about you they were executing good shots really well at the end. They birdied, I don't know, maybe four out of last seven. It was really a good match. Both teams played well.

Q. On 15, you guys kind of, I don't know, mis hit your putt or whatever. Didn't hit a great putt or whatever but and on 17 you came back and hit basically the gimmie; that had to feel good to make that shot there.

STEWART CINK: It did. It was right in my wheelhouse there. It was a good angle, good lie, good yardage everything. It comes down to just executing. It feels good to pull one off there when you need it. The way the momentum was going, they could have within the match. They were only 1 down with two holes to play. Mike Weir hit it right down the center of the fairway. So, you know, a lot of credit goes to Davis for keeping the ball in play all day.

End of FastScripts.

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