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May 5, 2007

Angela Stanford


THE MODERATOR: Angela, thanks for coming in. Can you talk about how the course played today?
ANGELA STANFORD: This course has always played tough for me, and you throw in the wind and it makes it harder for me. I did not hit the ball very well today so the fact that I made it in at even par, I'm pretty happy with that. I just wasn't hitting it very solid, and when you don't hit solid on this golf course, you find yourself in spots that you can't make a good run for birdie at.
THE MODERATOR: Can you go through your scorecard quickly? First hole birdie?
ANGELA STANFORD: We had a good number in there, hit sand wedge to about 3 feet.
THE MODERATOR: Number 3, bogey?
ANGELA STANFORD: That was off the tee. I flared it right and had to lay up and hit a half decent shot into the green and missed the par putt.
THE MODERATOR: Birdie on 10?
ANGELA STANFORD: That actually I hit another bad iron shot into that green, but I was pin high, probably 30 feet and kind of over that ridge and just happened to find the hole.

Q. Bogey, 11?
ANGELA STANFORD: Same club off the tee, just this time hit it left and caught another tree and actually hit a decent second shot and just didn't get up and down.
THE MODERATOR: 12, birdie?
ANGELA STANFORD: That was another long putt. 6-iron into the green to about 25, 30 more feet.
THE MODERATOR: And 17, bogey.
ANGELA STANFORD: Same club off the tee as 11 and 3. This time went back to the right and caught that bunker. I usually find that bunker once a year, so maybe it's out of the way.

Q. You said this course has set up tough for you. You've played her four years now. Is there some characteristic about it that gives you trouble and how do you overcome that?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I used to hit right to left lower shots, and you go up and down a lot out here. You go kind of up the hill, then you kind of come down the hills, so a lot of elevated greens, and it just doesn't fit my eye. Anytime a green is elevated, even though I've reworked my swing and I'm not hitting it as much -- it's not a dominant right to left shot but still to my eye it just doesn't fit very well.
So, you know, the good part about being here -- did you say four years now? I've learned par is pretty good out here, so if I can't go at the flag, I just try to get it on the green to give myself a chance to make par.

Q. Last year the scores were 14, 12, 11. It seemed like there were 3, 4, 5, 6, target scoring, you're in that range. Do you feel comfortable with that?
ANGELA STANFORD: The golf course -- I actually love the golf course. Just because you don't like a course doesn't mean you don't love it. It's old style. You've got to hit certain shots, put your tee on certain shots on the fairway, and I feel good, and I'm going to work on some things.
Obviously out here -- I was telling my family and friends last night, you look up and are over par, but you don't think you're playing that bad. I think it can go quickly right now, and it can go one of two ways. I'm happy with the fact that I have a shot tomorrow.

Q. Do you remember last year when you were going into that round? You're going to be among the final groups. Do you remember where you last played in one of the final groups?
ANGELA STANFORD: Probably Canada last year.

Q. Is it a different feeling? Did you know you were going to play this well coming here? Did you feel like your game was in good shape?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I think so. I've been hitting it solid all year and putting really well this year, so anytime I can get my putter hot, everything else will follow.
I had a good couple of days of practice at home. These greens are like greens I play on at home, and the golf course is similar, and I feel like I'm playing well. I just kind of got off today.

Q. The other thing is there are a lot of players on top the leaderboard who have either never won or haven't won in a long time.
ANGELA STANFORD: Except that Ochoa girl.

Q. Right. Seems like you're one of the them.
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, I'm excited to be there again. I feel like you learn how to win, and what I learned is you have to keep giving yourself an opportunity. And this is the craziest game in the world, and if you can learn something every time, then next time you're better. And I feel like I'm more mature, I can take a par and move on and be okay with it; whereas a couple of years ago, I wouldn't. I feel like I know how to be more even keeled out there, even though I'm not sometimes.

Q. You know how to win Tulsa, you played well in college. Do you think some of that luck from years ago will shine on you tomorrow?
ANGELA STANFORD: I hope so. I have all kinds of family and friends up here, and it would mean the world to me to win in front of them and for them to see it.
They've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, and they deserve to see a win, and I would love nothing more than to do it here.

Q. The weather forecast for tomorrow is dicey, storms. Do you have to block that out of your mind saying that tomorrow could be, you know, interruptions, starts, stops, be prepared for a marathon?
ANGELA STANFORD: Pretty much. You have to get ready for anything and everything, and you have to play one shot at a time. You don't know how many holes you're going to get in so you have to take it one at a time.

Q. Four years ago you were in a stretch of wins, then you were down, and you came back and got some victories. Does it seem like getting to No. 2 has been tough?
ANGELA STANFORD: I would say yes. For me it has been. I don't know why; I can't explain it, but I think my first one, everything just kind of happened.
I have tried so hard to get those feelings back, and you can't. Every tournament is different, every week is different, and I think that's the one thing I've learned, is that it's not all going to fall into place like it did this week.
So tomorrow it may be a battle or it may all fall into place. I don't know why it's been so hard to find No. 2, but it's bound to happen.

Q. You've been knocking on the door for three, four years.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks a lot, Angela.

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