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April 6, 2007

Tiger Woods


Q. What was the problem at the start of the day and what were you thinking at 12 and 13 and how do you bring it all back?
TIGER WOODS: Anything else? (Laughter) The first question.

Q. What went wrong at the start?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I had a two-way miss going pretty much all day. I could hit it left or right. Not a good place to have a two-way miss on.
Struggled on Amen Corner. I hit a terrible tee shot on 11, made bogey. I hit a good shot at 9 -- sorry, at 12 with a 9-iron, and the wind got it and knocked it in the water. Terrible shot on 13 with my second shot, put it in the water.
So, yeah, that was fun.

Q. Was 13 left-to-right, hitting it from the left thinking it was right?
TIGER WOODS: No, I just hit a bad shot. I was trying to hold it up against the wind and got a seriously hook lie, and the wind is coming off the right and I tried to hold it and I shoved it.
I felt like I turned basically a 90 into a 74 today which is nice. Yesterday I threw away a good round and today I salvaged a bad one. So I kept myself right there in the ballgame, five shots back. With the weather coming on the weekend, I'm right there in the ballgame.

Q. How crucial was the up-and-down on 13?
TIGER WOODS: Not as crucial as the one on 12. The whole idea is never make a double around this place, and you don't make doubles, you don't make 3-putts here, usually you're going to be in contention to win the tournament. That was a nice putt to make.

Q. What happened with the swing --
TIGER WOODS: Still trying to figure that out. Birds flew right over me, stopped it somehow, I felt like I broke my back, my wrist, my neck, any legs. I don't know how those baseball players do it, that check-swing, I don't know how they do it, but I tried to check it and did somehow, and I felt like the shaft was going to snap because the head passed forward, I was trying to stop it so hard.

Q. Have you ever had that happen before where you've had a bird?
TIGER WOODS: Not on a bird, but I've stopped it like that before, yeah.

Q. How do you feel right now?
TIGER WOODS: I feel great now.

Q. No repercussions?
TIGER WOODS: No. I'm not old yet.

Q. How aggressive can you afford to be?
TIGER WOODS: Here? On this golf course? Not in these conditions. No. You just go ahead and plod along and try to put the ball in the right spot if you can; and if you can't, somehow just don't have any wrecks out there.

Q. You mentioned yesterday if this was the toughest that other people had seen it. You played here basically since you were an amateur. How do you analyze this course now?
TIGER WOODS: Well, this is probably as dry as it was in '99. Only difference is about 500 yards and put in about a billion trees and now we have rough out there.
Yeah, it's a totally different golf course than we played in '99. It's just as dry. The greens are starting to get that little sheen to them and putts are starting to roll out. The wind affects putts quite a bit. You can make good putts and get a gust of wind. Bad hit a couple of putts and got a couple gusts and knocked them way off-line.

Q. This is your history and you fight it all the way, so the ball rolls back into, hits the bank, spins back, are you thinking you're going to get it up-and-down?
TIGER WOODS: On that shot, the next one, I made sure I fired away from the flag. I could have gone right at the flag, but I putt it short; I could be there forever.
Just play a little right of the flag, take it over the bunker just in case it comes up short and so I'll be at worst in the bunker and I can get that up-and-down. If not, I have a 15-, 20-footer. Maybe I can make that, maybe not. But let's not do anything, any more damage than I've already done.

Q. What will you work on? Is there anything in particular you need to work on when you go to the range?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, hit it better.

Q. When you're struggling, do you look to see where the leaders are?
TIGER WOODS: Well, they are not going anywhere, not in these conditions. They are not going to go low here. I played with Paul today and he played just one of the great rounds of golf you'll ever see. He shot 68. I mean, you're not going to go very far here.

Q. 17 today versus 17 yesterday?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, hit a drive today, just kind of hacked it out in the fairway a little bit. Hit a nice little wedge right there below the hole and had a pretty easy putt.

Q. You like it this tough though, right?
TIGER WOODS: I always like it this way, yeah, definitely.

Q. You talked Tuesday about the young guys and the experience of the back nine on Sunday --
TIGER WOODS: The conditions coming up on the weekend, I mean, we're going to all have to grind, whether if you're a rookie or not, or vet, you're going to have your hands full this weekend. Normally it usually rains here, and we've got softer conditions, you can make a couple of birdies. Out here, birdies are very hard to come by right now.

Q. Talk about your tournament being at Congressional.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, excited. It's one of the great venues that we have in the United States. Obviously in the U.S. Opens and the PGAs and now the U.S. Amateur going there as well. We're very excited. We couldn't have asked for a better start to our tournament.

Q. Is that a one-year thing or two years?
TIGER WOODS: Two years.

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