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March 25, 2007

Paul Casey


Q. How about your day?
PAUL CASEY: Decent finish. It was an up-and-down day. I didn't lose any ground; that's not a bad thing. After the start I'm actually quite happy. It was an ugly start. Tough golf course, a couple of bogeys, right behind the 8-ball from the beginning, and that's really tough to come back on this golf course with wind that's picked up again.
And then you look the other way, a few holes later, all of a sudden I'm in a fairly good position. A little bit disappointed actually that I threw in a couple of bogeys. The greens are very difficult and very firm, and a couple of short putts that slid past the hole unfortunately.
You know, I did par the last. (Laughing)

Q. That's an achievement in itself.
PAUL CASEY: No, all in all, I think it's a good week, especially after a 76 to start things off with. I'm currently 10th. I'm going to be at least Top-10 I think because it's tough out there. I'm happy with it.

Q. And obviously you're feeling better. You're sounding better.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I am better.

Q. Looking ahead, a week off next week.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, a week off. I'll be playing Augusta tomorrow, a couple of guys and myself, and then Scottsdale, just practice, work on the game. Try and find as many fast, slidy putts as possible. Our greens staff at Whisper Rock are very good, and in the past they have always prepared areas that we can sort of work on our games. So I'm sure Paco, the greens guy there, has probably shaved some part of the golf course for us and he's baking it as we speak. (Laughing)
Yeah, it's as good a place as any to work on the game for Augusta I think because we do have very fast greens there. Not that anywhere is anywhere like the Masters. So it will be good, a week at home, recharge the batteries. I just need to keep the good golf going because I played plenty of good golf the past couple of weeks. I just have to eliminate the mistakes. Unfortunately I've been making too many of those.

Q. How do you sum up your previous experience of the Masters, how you played?
PAUL CASEY: Two years ago, missed the cut, and I didn't play very good golf. 2004, that was great stuff. You know, I had a sniff of finishing higher than I did. I mean, I was right in the mix. The golf that Ernie and Phil played was tremendous, so I could never have caught them, but great experience to be in the penultimate group playing with a past champion, Mr. Langer.
I loved it, and I think that's why I've got such wonderful memories of the place. I think the golf course suits me, but also I've played well around there in the past, and I know I can do it again. Just got to get the game in shape and try and replicate the golf I played back in '04, which I think I can.

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