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March 24, 2007

Paul Casey


Q. You were full of flu, shot 76, 70, 66, is that evidence of getting better?
PAUL CASEY: Full of mucous now. I'm getting better but the body feels absolutely fine, so there's no excuse when it comes to performing on the golf course. Today was very good, went out there with very low expectations, trying to carry on with the birdies and eliminate the mistakes and that's exactly what I did, so it's a wonderful round of golf.

Q. Didn't birdie three of the par 5s; could have been lower?
PAUL CASEY: Oh, sure it always could have been lower but I parred the last. That's two shots better than I've played the last all week. So no, just very, very happy with the round of golf, concentrated on every shot and gave myself lots of chance which is what you've got to do around a tough golf course like this.

Q. Give us a sense of playing conditions compared to the other two days?
PAUL CASEY: I think this is easier today. The wind is in the same direction, so you know how it's going to play, it's just not as strong. And it's a beautiful temperature, it really is pretty good golfing conditions.
I think the wind, if anything, just makes you concentrate on the shot and really get yourself dialed in. It's not enough to really throw the golf ball out of whack if you strike it properly, so anybody who does strike the golf ball well is going to score well today.

Q. Chatting with some of the guys who have been coming through they are saying the greens are firming up and holes like 15 and 16 today are playing more difficult?
PAUL CASEY: They are firming up. You know, but a well-struck shot from the fairway will still hold the green, so it's only if you get a little a ward, get stuck in the rough, the greens are very, very difficult to hold and get -- very difficult to get it close to the flag. But you know, good golf shots today are going to be rewarded, simple as that.
I played some lovely golf last week, got a little sick unfortunately. So it's nice to see it has not deserted me in the last seven days. No, I'm happy with the form. I've just got to try and continue that through the Masters. Put it in my bag and keep it fresh or something like that.

Q. You seem to be sort of extremes the last couple of weeks, some great rounds and bad round, a mix.
PAUL CASEY: Well, last week I was sick. I spoke to Peter Kostis and after get to go about 10-under on Saturday, I then went backwards. I mean, the golf course was very tough, but the swing wasn't there. I said, "Do you know what happened?"
He said, it just went very, very loose like I ran out of energy, which is what I basically did and I got all bummed up and you can hear, this is the end of it.
I was actually very happy to get through last week and finish where I did because I didn't feel like playing on Sunday. Body was aching and I was on antibiotics, so you don't ever want to get sick, but at least it's nice I'm over that and hopefully I'll be fully fresh for the Masters which would be nice.
That's the only reason for the up and down rounds as far as I'm concerned because I think the golf game is fine.

Q. Was the tank still low on Thursday when you got out here?
PAUL CASEY: I think so because I didn't really practice much coming out here. I played nine holes on Tuesday, nine on Wednesday, try to keep a low profile just from not feeling particularly great.
So very disappointing round of golf, but I guess not really.

Q. All things considered.
PAUL CASEY: Not really surprising really. Plus I thought it was tough.

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