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September 23, 2006

Jim Furyk

Tiger Woods


Q. You come back in the afternoon match; how big was it for and you for the team?

TIGER WOODS: It was nice to have something positive come out of this afternoon. We were down early in just about every match early, and some of the guys rallied to get it all square and looked like we were going to turn the tide and they turned it the other way.

So it was important for us in our match to at least get something and salvage the afternoon and have something positive we can carry into tomorrow, and we did that.

Q. It's good karma I guess in the fact that this was the score, 10 6, 1999 in Brookline.

TIGER WOODS: Fortunately and unfortunately we're back in this position again. Hopefully tomorrow we can get the job done. It's important for all guys to go out front, to not only put red up there but to do it convincingly, and the guys in the back know that it can be had. At Brookline, I think we won the first six matches, so tomorrow whoever Captain sends out in the first matches, you have to get off to a quick start.

It seems after the first four or five holes, the Europeans are up one or two, so hopefully we can change that and get it up one or two on our side.

Q. You guys had an answer when they answered, and I guess that's the key thing in this year's matches.

TIGER WOODS: Well, we made the putts and we haven't done that as a team this week. We've had opportunities, I've had plenty of chances, and I have not made a putt until this afternoon. I finally started feeling better about my stroke and holed a couple; Jim holed a few, as well. So it was nice to see putts go in instead of lipping out.

Q. Whenever the Europeans answered, you guys had an answer this afternoon; that was a key to get you guys going?

JIM FURYK: Yeah, we were able to get up early in our match, which we struggled with all week. We were a couple up early and we had a hard time getting it to three, though. Those guys battled back and fought hard. We were back and forth between 1 up and 2 up and 1 up and 2 up until the 15th green, and we were able to make birdie on 15 and go 3 up and essentially kind of put the match away.

It was a hard fought match. We knocked in a couple of key putts that they didn't. We played very well; I think we were 4 under.

Q. That was a big bomb you knocked in on 15.

JIM FURYK: Thanks.

Q. How far?

JIM FURYK: About 40 feet. So, you know, we both played real well. We kept the ball in front of us. 4 under par in a foursome match is a good score. They battled hard and played well, but the difference is we were able to knock in a few key putts in the match. You know, that's something that Tiger and I struggled to do the first few matches, so it was obviously a big jump for us and hopefully we can continue tomorrow.

Q. 10 6 was the score after two days in Brookline.

JIM FURYK: It was, and it was a good number for us that year. Obviously not a position we want to be in and it wasn't what we were hoping for, but it's the hand we're dealt. We have only ourselves to blame, so we need to go out there tomorrow and obviously get some early momentum and really play well as a team. It will be a difficult task, but it's been done before.

End of FastScripts.

TIGER WOODS: Well, it's tough. We're not only down in the overall matches, but we're always down it seems within the first five, six holes in just about every single match.

This format is really tough to come back because it's only 18 holes and you don't have a lot of time. It's imperative that we as a team get off to a quick start like we did in '99. In '99 I think we had six matches that we were up early and got points early, and hopefully we can do the same tomorrow.

Q. You've taken on a leadership role in this Ryder Cup in the weeks leading up to it. Is there anything you can do to inspire this team?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I need to get my point tomorrow and the rest of the guys need to do the same. It's imperative that we get together as a whole collectively and play well as a team.

You know, the Europeans are playing great, so we need to go out there and obviously beat them. They're not going to give it to us. We've got to beat them.

Q. Jim, do you think you might be asked to go first out, happy to do that tomorrow?

JIM FURYK: I'll be happy to do whatever Tom says, the captain says. We're having a team meeting right now and I'm sure we'll discuss that. I have no idea what the plan is right now, but I'll answer the call, wherever he puts me.

End of FastScripts.

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