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March 21, 2007

Paul Casey


Q. Still have a bit of the sniffles?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, you can hear that, can't you. I was a little bit frustrated because I played some really good golf last week and got hit. The score was telling the story, really. Saturday afternoon, I got really tired and that's when the swing got loose and scores sort of got me on the bogey train. Sunday I was really bad. Wasn't sure whether I was going to make it out to the golf course. I'm glad I did, but I was struggling a bit.
And this week's been -- this week's been quite weak so far, just trying to get back.
I don't know what it was, I took some antibiotics I was given. Yeah, it's just a head cold and body sort of aching and the usual, just a bug, just a nasty bug.
So I'm on the right side, coughing up all the phlegm and stuff which is always fun. (Laughing) No, I'll be all right. I don't feel weak like I did end of last week now. I feel fine.

Q. So you haven't played at all?
PAUL CASEY: I actually played a sneaky nine holes yesterday.
I've played it before. So the layout is -- well, I didn't see anything different. But, the rough is its usual, nasty self and the greens are firm. The thing with these greens is they are quite difficult. You can put a lot of spin on the ball, but for some reason the green just doesn't want to take the spin and it's very difficult to get it close to the pin around here. And it was windy as well yesterday.
Tee shots are a premium, because if you are in play, then you can control the golf ball. The rough is disastrous.
And very strong grain. Much stronger than anybody played last week. Thinking that was a good preparation for this week, it's not really, because there's no grain on those greens last week; they were lovely, and this is quite strong this week. So this is true Florida golf as far as I'm concerned. It's thick bermuda, thick grain, strong wind.

Q. Do you like the course? Do you think it suits you?
PAUL CASEY: I think it's very tough. I'm not going to say I enjoy it, but I certainly respect it.
Two years ago when Tiger won, I was probably about 20th or something like that.

Q. That's the only time?
PAUL CASEY: That's the only time in a TOUR event. I actually played some practice rounds here as an amateur in college. We used to play on the other course, but we used to jump on this one, too.

Q. Obviously you're quite comfortable in this part of the world.
PAUL CASEY: We played enough college golf tournaments in Florida, and bermuda rough to me is still baffling. I have no idea how to play out of it. So if I can keep it out of the rough, I'll be all right. In the rough, well done. It's very difficult to predict. You hit two same shots and you get different results.
Certainly, I think you keep it on the short tough, it's very fair and it's going to be bloody challenging. I thought last week was the deepest we would see all year possibly and this week -- I think tough golf courses are good, and the Europeans that are here, they have played enough tough golf courses, and they play in wind. So I don't see why it should be -- we should write off any Europeans this week, even the guys who have never played it before.

Q. Two weeks ahead, everyone's thoughts are turning to that now. What are your own views on the Masters?
PAUL CASEY: Very excited. I'm glad I'm sick now because that means I won't be in two weeks hopefully. I'm going for a practice round next week to have a quick look at it. I'm not playing next week in Houston. I'm just going to go back to Scottsdale and work on my game.
I'm really excited because I haven't been there for a couple of years. I love the golf course. Hopefully it hasn't changed too much. I know it sort of has. The general golf course hasn't changed much at all really, just a few trees and tees. I think it's great. Everything about it -- I think it's just the course, the whole sort of ambience. Everything that surrounds it is cool and that's the bit I love. So I'm looking forward to getting back there and just enjoying the week and hopefully playing some good golf.
The golf game is in good enough shape that I don't see why I can't put myself in contention and better my results that I've had before.

Q. What Major do you think gives you the best chance of victory?
PAUL CASEY: The highlight is the Open Championship; always is, for a British player, it's got to be the Open.
I think the Masters suits my game the best. I mean, unfortunately I want to win the Open of the four majors the most, without a doubt, but the best chance might be the Masters. That's also a testament to how much shot-making and how much imagination you need in the Open. You need to control the golf ball extremely well and have all the shots in the bag, and I need to work on that. So I think you need an all-around game at the Open, and don't quite have it yet.
The Masters, you need to work the golf ball both ways, but a high, soft flight is what you need with the irons, and I've got that. You need a good short game. You don't have to -- you do have to control your trajectory, but it's got to be a high flight. You don't need the low, running one around Augusta, unless you hit it in the trees.
So you know, I really think that suits my game the best. That gives me the best opportunity to win a major and hopefully, you know, I can get close to that this year. And with a bit of luck as the years go on, I can get closer to winning an Open, because that's the one I really want.

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