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February 24, 2007

Paul Casey


Q. Quarterfinal, different result today. What was the difference?
PAUL CASEY: I didn't play very good golf, it's as simple as that. Every match here is going to be tough and could go either way. And if you play poor golf you're likely to get beaten, and that's especially true when you reach the quarterfinal and get to play Geoff Ogilvy.
You know, I didn't play the golf I wanted to and gave him way too many holes. That's why you get a result you do like that.

Q. Talking about Geoff, he has the greatest win percentage in this tournament. He's never lost. He's 9 and 0. What about him is so good in match play? You're a great match play player. Playing with him today, is there anything that stood out that makes him more comfortable, more aggressive?
PAUL CASEY: Geoff is -- you know, Geoff, he can be quite aggressive. I mean, he's a fiery golfer, but he seemed to have a very good temperament out there. He doesn't give guys any holes. He keeps it in play. He gives himself lots of opportunities at birdie, and he's always putting the pressure onto the opponent.
When a guy is always within birdie range, that's very, very difficult to play against. There's not a lot you can do against guys like that. I mean, twice today, even with the golf I played, we still halved two holes with birdies. That's the way it goes.
I mean, he's a great player and I hope he goes on to win this thing.

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