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February 22, 2007

Paul Casey


Q. Are you at the top of Monty's Christmas card list?
PAUL CASEY: I don't know. Monty and I are mates.

Q. You keep beating him.
PAUL CASEY: I know. I wonder if he'll keep saying nice things about me if I keep beating him like that. But he was tough. I mean, he was muttering out there that he didn't play very good golf, but I beg to differ. I thought he played pretty good golf the majority of the round.
We had six or seven, probably maybe even eight birdies between us in the first eight or probably ten or so holes, something like that. I'm getting my numbers confused. But it was good, good golf, and he pushed me all the way, all the way to the end when he gave me a couple of holes and that was it, done and dusted.

Q. How well are you playing?
PAUL CASEY: I played very solid golf today. I didn't really give him anything, which was the key. He had to make birdie to win holes, and sometimes even that wasn't enough. So very, very happy with the game. It was solid, I've just got to do the same again tomorrow, put the ball in play and give myself opportunities.

Q. How much are your tactics affected by what the opponent is doing?
PAUL CASEY: In theory, according to the way you should play match play, not at all. The game plan is to stick it down the middle, put it somewhere on the green close to the pin and try the make the putt. So it doesn't change. You know, I only started thinking about maybe lagging my putt down on 15 there when Monty sort of missed the green from 100 yards or so.
The rest of the round I was very, very focused on what I was trying to do and not worry about him at all.

Q. Looks like Pampling probably tomorrow, maybe Micheel.
PAUL CASEY: Equally tough. We're getting to the stage now where whoever is left, it doesn't matter what their World Ranking is, they're clearly playing very good golf, so every match is going to get tougher from this point.
I've obviously played Micheel in match play before. I have not played Pampling. If it is Rod, then it's something I'm not used to, so a player I'm not really that familiar with his game. So that could be tricky. But I'd welcome the challenge.

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