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February 21, 2007

Paul Casey


Q. Well played.
PAUL CASEY: Thank you.

Q. Tough game?
PAUL CASEY: It was a tough game, wasn't it? I missed a short one on the first and I was hoping that wasn't going to set the tone. Luckily he missed a short one on the third, so it evened it up a little.
He's never out of it, and that's the sign of a good match play player. He was always down the middle and putting the pressure on. Even though I played some nice golf around the turn and snuck ahead, it was never over.
I'm very, very happy to sneak a win, and I've finally now won a match in five attempts.

Q. You were expecting a tough one. As you were saying yesterday, he's a gritty competitor. Certainly didn't give too much away, did he?
PAUL CASEY: No, he didn't. Crikey, he's a major champion, it's not like he's new to it. And it's a completely different style of golf to the style I play, as well, which can sometimes -- it doesn't throw you, it's just sort of different.
You're 10, 15 yards ahead of him or something like that, and he's just -- and then he sticks his -- he's got two clubs more into the green and he sticks it inside you. You think you've got him and you don't.
No, I'm just happy I sort of squeezed through on the end there because it was tough all the way.

Q. You've got an interesting match now.
PAUL CASEY: Who have I got, Monty?

Q. Monty.
PAUL CASEY: I like Monty. Monty is my mate.

Q. He was just saying the same thing about you just up there.
PAUL CASEY: He's going to be even tougher than Mike Weir. You know, he's beaten Edfors, and Edfors is a longer hitter than I am. You can't overpower Monty, unfortunately. He's just going to sneak his way around there. With the altitude here the ball goes a long way, so it's not like he's struggling getting up on holes, either.
Those two drivable par 4s, I saw him on one of them, he got very, very close to the front edge. He's going to be tough.

Q. You got the better of him at Wentworth.
PAUL CASEY: I know, and I'm glad about that. Very happy I got the better of him at Wentworth. But it's a new day and it's only 18 holes tomorrow, so you've got to come straight out of the blocks and be sort of slightly aggressive and not take chances but just find the greens, give yourself 15, 20 feet on every hole and try and make a few putts and put the pressure on him because that's what he'll do to me.

Q. It's fun you've got that win under the belt. It's a nice start, but still a long way to go?
PAUL CASEY: It is. It's a very long way to go, but I've always been a bit of a slow starter, and it's -- ease into it, and that's what I did at Wentworth, sort of got a little bit more focused as the week went on because the matches never get easier, they get tougher.
So I've got to grind, and hopefully it will turn out all right tomorrow.

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